TBL Project Tip – Animoto


Twitter Challenge Week Two!

Last week’s Twitter challenge was to Tweet at a “famous” person to get them to share their bucket list items. Remember that this challenge might require some polite persistence. You might have to Tweet at them multiple times before you get a response.

This week’s Twitter challenge is to invite friends and family to join our bucket list conversation. Be strategic in who you invite, make sure it’s a person who will contribute positively to the conversation. Have them Tweet an item or two @cre8tivehavoc and @you. I may even be convinced to award bonus marks for participating in this challenge!

Reading and Writing Reflection #11

Once again this week we will be tweeting our Reading and Writing Reflections.

Your reading tweet should discuss your reading progress thus far, and could also contain a favourite line/quotation from the novel.  Feel free to use two tweets if you can’t fit it all into one.

Your writing tweet should update your progress in your Buried Life project.  What have you completed and what is your goal for the rest of the week?

Also, today you should be tweeting the 13/14th item of your bucket list.

TBL Project Tip #2

Work smarter, not harder! Make a google map that incorporates all of the travel “to dos” on your bucket list.  Put in a pin for each destination, write a couple of sentences explaining why you want to travel there, and add a pic of a specific thing you’d like to see.  Once you’ve created your map, cut and paste the URL into a blog post. 

Example Map-


Reading and Writing Reflection #10

Reading Reflection #10:

To use one or two Twitter posts to update your reading progress so far.

The Girl i/t Steel Corset (203) my 1rst steampunk book. I enjoy the dark mystery, a great change from all the Dystopian fic I’ve been reading. @cre8tivehavoc

Anybody else read any steampunk? Or tired of dystopian fiction? The Hunger Games was great, but I’m tired of all the copycat books. @creat8tivehavoc

Cut and paste your tweets into a blog post titled “Reading Reflection #10”

Writing Reflection #10:

Tweet about your progess on your Buried Life project thus far, as well as your game plan for the upcoming week.

Cut and paste your tweets into a blog post titled “Writing Reflection #10”

Day One- Starting Your "Buried Life Project"

In yesterday’s class I introduced the final project for the year, which is creating a mini/blog version of your own “Buried Life” book.  If you weren’t here yesterday then scroll down and read yesterday’s post and then come back to this one.

In today’s class we will be getting started on this project. Here is your “to do list” for today:

(1) As usual, tweet one more item off your list.
(2) Type and post your entire “bucket list” on your blog. Feel free write “omitted due to school appropriateness” or “omitted due to personal reasons” for items on your list that are too personal to share or are questionable for school content.
(3) Add a comment to this post that details your plans for your “Buried Life” project.  For example, discuss what might be the focus of your “Now What” story, how you are going to approach creating your visuals, and any specific supplies you are going to need to bring with you to class to work on the project.
(4) If you finish 1-3 on this list, go back and make sure you’ve completed this week’s Reading and Writing Reflection (scroll down for the deets)

** Twitter Challenge**
For those of you that are up to it, I am issuing a Twitter challenge!

I challenge you to tweet at a “famous person” (athlete, author, actor, etc.) Ask them what is on their bucket list, and see if they answer you.  You might have to be politely persistent to get a response . . .