In the Home Stretch- Final Thoughts on the Course?

Well ladies and gentlemen, you’ve made it!  If you’ve been keeping up with the course you’ve probably created on average of 75+ blog postings, over 100+ Twitter tweets,  you’ve visited, read and commented on dozens of different sites.  You are no longer consumers of internet content you and are now content cre8tors!  So, lets think back on the journey:

Final Thoughts on the Course:

Share your thoughts on the following topics. Each topic should have multiple/full sentences of discussion.

Favourite Assignment? Why?

Least Favourite Assignment? Why?
Friday Reading?

Monday Written Reflection?

The WRN?



The integration of technology into the course?

What you learned about yourself as a reader, writer, and thinker, creator?

Comments/Compliments/Constructive criticism for Ms. McLauchlan about the course

Advice for future CW students?


Thursday’s Presenters

(1) Carolina!/
project here –>

(2) Jenine

(3) Miranda
project here –>

(4) Katie

(5) Leftovers?

I"m Away- Day 3

Hey Y’all

Looks like the laptop cart decided to be uncooperative yesterday! Hopefully today things will get back on track and you can keep working on your TBL project.  I received an e-mail from Sarah, and she mentioned that quite a few of you weren’t sure what to write for your Author’s Note, so here’s some ideas:

– Discuss who you are and how/why you connect with this project
– Discuss any themes that my have appeared on your list (travel, family, sports) and why this theme is important to you.
– Discuss the format your project took (video, photos, drawings, scrapbook) and why that format best suited you and your list.
– Discuss what you have learned about yourself as reader/writer/thinker/creator/human through the process of creating this project.
– Any other personal connections of stories, that may connect to the idea of a “Buried Life” or “Bucket List”

Word count= 250

Thanks for sending me questions Sarah, I didn’t realize how vague I had been in this area when I introduced the project.  Keep sending me your questions via blog, Twitter or e-mail and I will responsd ASAP.

Also!  Don’t forget to keep up with daily Tweets of the items off of your list, and don’t forget about the Twitter challenge:

Tweet at a “famous” person to get them to share their bucket list items. Remember that this challenge might require some polite persistence. You might have to Tweet at them multiple times before you get a response.

Invite friends and family to join our bucket list conversation. Be strategic in who you invite, make sure it’s a person who will contribute positively to the conversation. Have them Tweet an item or two @cre8tivehavoc and @you.

Bonus marks are up for grabs here!

As usual, post your daily update in the comment section below!