Daily Cre8te- Life in Five Seconds

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special thanks to @lukeneff for the writing prompt!
Use this template to help you develop your story

Written Reflection:

-What did you learn about “visual storytelling”? Think about how you used: visuals, order, depth, symbols, narration/voice to tell your story.

– How could you extend this knowledge to your Six Word Memoir project?

Look here –> http://thenounproject.com/ for icons to digitise your “Life in Five Seconds” story.


Six Word Memoirs

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The first writing style we will be focusing on is a microform called six word memoirs. For those of you who haven’t heard of this writing phenomenon, here’s a short video to explain:

The Six Word Memoirs of last semester’s students.
Your writing assignment:
-Write 8 different six word memoirs. One for each of the eight categories: love, hate, growing up, my past, my future, me, family, and confession.
– Select your best SIX and create visuals (photos, drawings/doodles, collages) to accompany them.
– All visuals accompanying your Six Word Memoirs must by originals, created by you.
Due Date: TBA

Weekly Response #2 (Reading and Writing)

This week’s response includes both a reading and writing portion.
Reading Response Portion:
Pages Read: ______ – ______

· Share your opinions, questions, comments, predictions on what you have read.


· Your reflection should be written in full sentences, and should be around three paragraphs in length.

· There is no need for introductory or concluding paragraphs. Just jump right into it!

· Be detailed and specific, use supporting quotations from your novel.

(300 words in length)

Writing Response Portion:

Given all of the “post high school” thinking we have been doing these days (many of you where away last week to tour your respective post secondary institutions), discuss the specific ways you can use your blog to help you pursue your goals after high school. Keep in mind that everybody has different goals for after graduation (job, apprenticeship/internships, travel, scholarships, university, college). So how can you use your blog to achieve your goals?

(150 words)

Weekend "To Do"

For those of you who have been away this week at various university tours, here’s a quick “What Should Be On My Blog” check list. Scroll down to see the other super fantastic things you missed this week (don’t worry you can still do these super fantastic things on your own- yay technology!) See you in class on Monday!

Daily Cre8te- Buy A Life!

What would you “sell” your life for?  A local man has decided that his life is valued at one million dollars.  See the full story here: http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/manitoba/story/2013/02/20/mb-life-for-sale-online-ad-winnipeg.html

Would you sell your life? Why? Why not?
How much would it be worth? Be specific, list your assets. 
What is the lowest price you would take?
What would you do once you had sold your life?
How much would you be willing to spend to acquire another life?
If you had unlimited amounts of money, who’s life would you purchase? Why?
Who’s life would you refuse to take, regardless of cost or value?

Daily Cre8te!

Visit the Post-Secret website via the tab at the top of this page.
(1) Find a Post Secret that you respond to, and write about it.
(2) Consider writing your own “Post Secret”. What would it be about? What visual would you use?

Personal Additions

Your blog should be an extension of you and reflect your personality in a professional manner. The best way to accomplish is through personal additions!

Personal additions are your chance to include items you find inspiring, interesting, and/or worth commenting on into your blog and WRN. Items that could be considered personal additions include (but are not limited to):

· Poems/Song Lyrics
· A list of confession
· A list of inspirational quotes
· “I know for sure that . . .”
· A sketch of a character/scene from your novel
· Consider “big questions”
· To you, what is love?
· What would be your priority if you wanted to repair the world.
· What would you like to never end?
· Write a letter to your future self.
· Rant
· Comment on an interesting article in the newspaper, or a magazine.
· React to a piece of art/music. . .
· Post- movie reflection



(1) Give credit where credit is due! Always credit the creator and/or original source of the item. If it is an item you found on the Internet, always add the URL of the original source, and give the name of the person who created/wrote the item. If you wrote/created it, then give yourself props! Remember, claiming someone else’s work as your own is considered plagiarism!
URL Shortener:

(2)Cut, paste and think. Don’t leave your addition on its own; add your own commentary to the item. If you just cut and paste, the item seems random and unconnected to your blog as a whole.