TBL Project: Tip #1

Animoto is a free and easy program that can be used to compile your TBL project visuals into a movie format. All you need to do is upload your images, select a soundtrack, and then voila! A movie is made!

Check out Hugh’s video from last year:

My Animoto Video

Want to use Animoto? Let me know and I will give you a free login.


TBL Project: Tip #2

Work smarter, not harder! Make a google map that incorporates all of the travel “to dos” on your bucket list. Put in a pin for each destination, write a couple of sentences explaining why you want to travel there, and add a pic of a specific thing you’d like to see. Once you’ve created your map, cut and paste the URL into a blog post.

Example Maps-


Starting Your TBL Project

#engchat #educhat #mbedu #theburiedlife 

Your goal for today’s class is:

(1) To type and post your TBL list on your blog.

(2) We are also going to start tweeting one item off of our lists on a daily basis. Try to use the format below to compose your tweet:

1. Ride a rhino @cre8tivehavoc #buriedlife #bucketlist

(3) Jump into the creation of your TBL project.  And the end of class, come pack to this post and add a comment in which you provide details about your plan for your project (eg. Which medium are you planning on using? What is going to make you project unique? How is your project going to show off who you are and who you want to be?)

*** Looking to see how last semster’s students did this project? Try here:


TBL Project

#theburiedlife  #engchat  #educhat

So, we’re working on our lists, now what? Based on the suggestions you submitted last week on Cre8tive Havoc, here’s what we’ve come up with. You will be creating your own version of The Buried Life! Here’s what it will contain:

(1) An Author’s Note written by you (250 words). See the author’s note in TBL book for an example of what this should sound like.

(2) Your list of 50-100 items.

(3) “Visual” representations of 25 items. Get creative here! Use all the tools you’ve developed this semester. Think about how doodling, word/pic mashups, newspaper blackout, post it notes, signs, twitter, could be potential “visual” mediums for your list items. However, feel free to use which ever mediums you feel most comfortable with (video for instance). Also consider the ways in which TBL visually shares items on their list (t-shirts, signs, on Penelope). All visuals must be orginals created by you.

(4) “Now What” a written discussion of how you will/or have attacked one item on the list (250 words)

(5) Presentation to the class (on the 4/5/6 of June) other details TBA

Links to look at:



Publishing Your Twitter Fiction

#engchat #educhat #twitterficton

Good Morning!

Today is the first day of our #TwitterFiction festival! Here’s our to do list:

– Self assess a paper copy of your Twitter Fiction, and hand in with self assessment sheet.
– Ensure that your Twitter account profile contains (1) a quick description of the fact that you are writing Twitter Fiction, (2) as well as the hashtags #twitterfiction #vss #twister, (3) and a link to your blog
– Post your entire #twitterficiton story (with visuals) on your blog.
– Start following your fellow classmates, and reading their Twitter Fiction!

Weekly Reflection #6

#engchat #twitterfiction #educhat

Reading Reflection:

(1) Use one or two Twitter posts to update your reading progress so far.

The Girl i/t Steel Corset (203) my 1rst steampunk book. I enjoy the dark mystery, a great change from all the Dystopian fic I’ve been reading. @cre8tivehavoc #WR6

Anybody else read any steampunk? Or tired of dystopian fiction? The Hunger Games was great, but I’m tired of all the copycat books. @cre8tivehavoc #WR6

Cut and paste your tweets into a blog post titled “Weekly Reflection #6”

Writing Reflection:

I would like you to post an update on how your Twitter Fiction is going. (300+ words)

How close to “done” are you? How many Tweets /20 have you written? What type of story(ies) did you choose to tell, a VSS, an extended story, something in between? Why did you select that style of Twitter Fiction? What elements from the “to do”list do you have left to include? Have you thought about the images/pics you are going to include with your story? What has worked well in your story? What still needs work? What questions/comments do you have about this writing project so far?

Twitter Fiction: Creating Imagery

#engchat #twitterfiction #educhat  #writing #creativewriting

Color code the paragraph below to analyse the type of imagery used:

I crept into the room and coughed at the musty, mildewy smell that felt like it was already clogging my throat. I look around. The yellow paint was peeling off the walls in strips and bubbles, exposing the greyish wall beneath. The battered, deep brown wood floors creaked as I stepped farther in. There were stains in several places on the wood, rust-coloured smears.  When I knelt down to examine them more closely, the stains revealed a sharp, metallic, smell. Upon this closer inspection, they appeared to be old blood. Dust webs floated in the air, stirred by the faint breeze I could feel coming in the door behind me. The webs were attached to the ceiling and fixtures somewhere in the unexplained shadows above my head. Save for the groans of the floorboards beneath my feet, there room was deadly hushed. It was like the air smothered sounds and choked the breeze. I saw another door on the other side of the room that was cracked open a few inches.  I couldn’t see what was beyond it, or hear if anyone was there. I felt another faint stir of air, this time from that second door this time the draft was accompanied by the overwhelming stench of mice.

Add an “-” next to imagery that evokes a negative reaction or mood from you as a reader.
Add an “+” next to imagery that evokes a positive reaction of mood.