Justice and Kenny’s Vids That Make You Go Hmmm . . .

Category: Inspiring

“Inspirational Speeches- Go Get It”
“The Power of Black- Suli Breaks”

What would you change about the past?



Michelle and Bethany’s Vids That Make You Go Hmmm . . .

Category: Funny
Theme: Social Media

“Instagram, Facebook and Vine vs Social Time”
“Social Media 2013- New Music”
Does social media take over your life? Has social media gotten too big? Is this a good thing or bad thing?

Danielle, Katherine and Annika’s Vids That Make You Go Hmm . . .

Category: Inspiring
Theme: Overcoming Obstacles

“Find What You Are Afraid Of”
“Can Anyone Help Me”
“Jason Silva”

– What are you most afraid of? Have you overcome that fear?
– What would you do if you knew you could not fail? Why?
– Would you rather live life not making connections with anyone, for fear of the risk that you may lose them?