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Social Fiction "Hand In"

At long last it is here-  today is the day your Social Fiction Project is due!  You will be publishing your SF project in two places- on your blog, and here in the comments section. Use the comments section below to post the link to your blog where you’ve posted your Social Fiction. See my comment below for an example of how to post your links.

Formatting Dialogue

Formatting Dialogue- Using Quotation Marks

  • Punctuation is always inside the quotation marks



  • Never use two periods in one sentence.

“I went to the store.”


“I went to the store,” he said.

  • Interrupted Quotes:

“I think,” he said, “that it will be fun.”


“I think it will be fun,” he said.  “More fun that last time.”

  • New Speaker=New Paragraph

Creating Dialogue


Remember those visual writing prompts I had you find last week? Today we are going to be using them to create a dialogue.  Your purpose for this dialogue is to highlight character/personality of the people in the visual.

Things to note:

· There must be at least two people participating in this dialogue.

·  Each person must speak at least five times.

·  Descriptive tags should be utilized to describe how people spoke.

· Focus on what the characters say AND how they say it.

· Correct dialogue formatting must be used.

Need a visual to help you write? Try these gentlemen:


Or these young ladies:


Field Trip!

The best way to learn about how to write dialogue effectively, is to go out and observe dialogue in it’s natural habitat! Your mission is to go out into the school and eavesdrop in on a conversation. Listen to the conversation for about 10 minutes, record the content and your observations.  Make your notes as specific as possible as we will be debriefing as a class upon your return.

Happy Creeping!

Discuss the dialogue that you overhead:

1. Talk about the process of eavesdropping:

i. Where did you go?
ii. How long did you listen to conversation?
iii. Who was it between?
iv. How did it feel to be recording the conversation?

2. What insights did you gain about the way people speak?

3. How can you apply this to your writing?

4. How is personality and character revealed through conversation/dialogue?

5. What happens when more than two people participate in a conversation?

6. What was the most surprising thing you’ve learned about the way people converse?

7. What are the differences and similarities between written and spoken conversations?

Finished assignment = 350 words. Post it here in the comments, and on your blog.