First Writing Project: Six Word Memoirs

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Your writing assignment:
-Write 8 different six word memoirs. One for each of the eight categories: love, hate, growing up, my past, my future, me, family, and confession.
– Select your best SIX and create visuals (photos, drawings/doodles, collages) to accompany them. It is very likely that some of your visuals will be the ones that you captured on your Photo Scavenger Hunt.
– All visuals accompanying your Six Word Memoirs must by originals, created by you.
Due Date: TBA

First Writing Project: Six Word Memoirs

#mbedchat #mbedu #engchat #sixwordmemoirs

The first writing style we will be focussing on is a microform called six word memoirs. For those of you who haven’t heard of this writing phenomenon, here’s a short video to explain:

For today’s class, visit  and read the various “Six Word Memoirs” that have been posted.  Use the topics tab at the top of the page to help you navigate through the many themes that have inspired these short, short stories.  As you spend today’s class exploring this website, and genre of writing, use a blank piece of paper to doodle your favourite stories, your responses, your writing ideas, and any other things that come along!

Reading Assignment #3 – #readtosomeone

Tulips from Sylvia Plaths 'Ariel' #todayinroom2b1 #ilovetoreadbingo #readtosomeone

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Pages Read:

– Why did you select this passage to read aloud?

– Why did you consider it to be interesting/creative/insightful/hilarious/thought-provoking/inspiring?

-What is the power of reading stories aloud?

– How did you feel about reading aloud?  And then posting it on Social Media?

Post your link to this week’s reading assignment in the comments section below.

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Love the depth of thought that the comments on this post show! Each comment reveals so much about the commentor’s personality and values! Keep it y’all!


Eat Pray Love
Elizabeth Gilbert
Page 40, chapter 13

Q: When Liz leaves her husband she is in a dark lonely place in her life. She feels like she is not living her own life that she had always dreamed of living, full of travel and adventure. Instead she lives in a beautiful house in New York with her husband whom wants so badly to start a family. Feeling like there is more to life then her unhappiness Liz decides to leave her husband. This happens out of the blue; one moment Liz and her husband are happily married and now all of a sudden Liz wants a divorce. This causes the husband to resent Liz resulting in a messy divorce where in order to move on with her life Liz must loose everything. Will Liz and her husband ever be on good terms again?

C: In the midst of…

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Today’s #ilovetoreadbingo topic: Read to Someone!

While reading in today’s class, keep an eye out for a passage or paragraph from your book that you consider to be interesting/creative/insightful/hilarious/thought-provoking/inspiring.  In the last 15 minutes of class, film a short (16 second) video of you reading that passage out loud.  Post the video to Instagram using #readtosomeone #ilovetoreadbingo #todayinroom2b1. Also don’t forget to include the name of the book, the author and the page number on which you found the quotation.

For Monday’s reading assignment, you will be learning how to post that Instagram video to your blog, and then adding a few paragraphs discussing why you selected that passage to read out loud. (blog post on that to follow)

See below for Zac and Alyssa’s

"The Art of Racing In The Rain" by Garth Stein #readtosomeone #ilovetoreadbingo #todayin2b1

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Reading Assignment #2- Regular Response

It’s that time of the week again!

Reading Reflection (350 words):
Use your post it notes to help you create a posting where you discuss your reading progress.

The title of your post should be “Reading Reflection”, and the first three lines of your post should be



Pages Read:

– Your reflection should be in full sentences/paragraphs, and focus on your questions, comments, predictions.
Please don’t retell the plot of your novel, instead react to it.
– Don’t forget include a paragraph (5-6 sentences) answering the question I wrote on the rubric for last week’s reading tweet.

Post your Reading Reflection on your blog, with a link to the post in the comments section of this post.  Once again, you have a responsibility to read and discuss/comment on the posts of others- however this time it will occur on their blogs!