Six Word Memoirs: Photo Editing

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Select your best six  “6 Word Memoirs” and create visuals (photos, drawings/doodles, collages) to accompany them.
All visuals accompanying your Six Word Memoirs must by originals, created by you (can include friends and family). NO YOU CANNOT JUST GOOGLE IMAGE SEARCH!!! In addition, each photo must have a photo credit tag on it.  The photo credit serves to acknowledge the person who took the photo.  In most cases that will be you.  Feel free to use first initial and last name (T. McLauchlan) or an online identify such as a Twitter/Instagram handle (@msmclauchlan) or blog address (
To combine your visuals with your six words (and photo credits), try using the following apps:
– Studio
– Quipio

or the following websites: (not iOS friendly) (Yes! iOS friendly)


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