Reading Assignment #5

For this week’s reading asssignment I would like you to share two text connections you found while reading during last week’s reading class. Use the comments section down below to share two text connections that you found. This week we are not using “Twitter” format, and as such you should be explaining your connections in a paragraph length response.

Once you have posted your 2 text connections, you can spend the remainder of class time working on your “Six Word Memoirs” which are due tomorrow!


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  1. Tricks by Ellen Hopkins

    (T-T)- While reading I found a text to text connection of another book that Ellen had wrote. I found it similar to the book Crank where a girl talks about how she can’t live without drugs and how it has created a monster just how the girl said the same thing in Tricks. It reminds me of the book I’m reading where Whitney and the girl from the other book are both addicts.

    (T-W) In the book I found that all 5 characters had turned to prostitution as an option for income. I thought this related to our real world problems a lot. Although prostitution isn’t glorified in the media it is still a major problem in our society. I found a fact that says on average American girls are 12 years old when they begin in the business. Even though it isn’t in the media a lot it still wrecks these young girls and boys lives.

      • I think it is something that we need to as a society realize is there and not ignore it. I think that if there was more help for people in these situations it could help. I know that there are and maybe making the home centres more public like kids help line could be better.

    • erinjamieson says:

      Do you think these men and women, girls and boys, just jump right into prostitution when having trouble making money or do you think they apply for jobs in clothing stores, supermarkets, restaurants or other places before they decide that they should get into the business of prostitution?

      • I don’t think that it is THE reason but I think it is what can lead to the problem. I am not saying prostitution is only based upon drug addiction. I think that if we lived in a world without prostitution the rates may decrease a fair bit but it would still exist.

  2. The first connection I made was a text to text connection and I made it between Chris Kyle’s war experiences and Marcus Luttrell from Lone Survivor. Earlier in the book Chris talked about how he went through seals training with Marcus and had been good friends because they were both from Texas and both chewed tobacco. In the book Chris talks about being in battle and thinking he’s gonna die which happens many times to Marcus in Lone Survivor. Every time Chris mentions his experiences in war it makes me imagine the Lone Survivor movie since they both had very similar experiences. For example Chris was describing their housing units in Afghanistan and I was just imagining the housing units in Lone Survivor which were identical.

  3. Book:The Way We Fall

    My first post is a text to world connection. While I was reading I saw this quote and it really stuck with me and made me think about people suffering around the world. “The virus has a voice, and it doesn’t sound very happy.” I realized how many people from all over the world are suffering in silence. All the diseases without cures or proper treatment have wiped out so many people. In this book the characters feel alone and neglected by the government. I believe there are many people that feel they are being left all alone and people don’t care about them. It is difficult for a government to take care of all individuals, but it is easy to blame the government for feeling like you are left alone to fend for yourself.

    • That is very true about many people suffering in silence throughout the world. Do you agree that the government could do more or do you believe that they do all that they can to help as many as possible?

      • I believe that the government can always do more. They chose what to do with our money and I think they should try and helps many suffering people as possible. I also think it is really hard for them to do that when they see other benefits to putting money into other things. Its kind of a lose lose situation.

      • I agree with you in the sense that they can always do more. But as you mentioned, it becomes a tough decision when they must choose between saving the lives of residents or improving other aspects of the country. The decision should be clear but sometimes it is not.

      • I agree. I was also thinking about the people right in our city that need help. I think it should be a priority to get homeless people off the street and into a safer place.

    • Across history there has been a long line of the governments ignoring the needs of the lower class. What do you think the biggest problem that is disease related in our world today? I think its AIDS. For two reason, its fatal and its 100% preventable.

      • I agree with you about aids. It’s a disease that has not been taken care of properly ever. I am not sure what the government can do to help other then help treat the disease and educate people to prevent this awful problem.

    • We are lucky our health care system is good in Canada compared to other countries where they have to pay a ton of money if they become sick. Like you said, there is so many people each year that probably feel very alone because they cannot afford to be treated. I believe America to be a bad place for health care, the states is probably one of the richest countries in the world but the government puts money towards other issues when it could go towards treatments in health care. This most likely causes a lot of people to feel like they are on their own when it comes to funding their treatments to get better.

    • Do you believe that there is a cure for cancer and the government is keeping it from the public? after all there is a ton of technology and a ton of money devoted to cancer research

      • Anonymous says:

        Tina Kosoric

        I would think that there could be a cure for Cancer, I mean so many viruses have been cured or are in the process of being cured, so I think that there could be a chance for Cancer to be cured as well. There is plenty of money and technology, with everyone doing fundraisers. Maybe they’re just testing the medication now, and maybe there hasn’t been any results yet.

      • At times I consider where all the money is going just because scientists have found And created so many life changing cures and vaccines. I hope in my life time I will be alive to see a cure.

  4. erinjamieson says:

    A text to self connection I found was when Riley found out that her father was an active part in her fugitive sister’s life. Riley was so upset that she lied on the couch trying to clear her mind but found her thoughts burned into her mind. This connects to me as I can relate to trying to clear my mind but finding the thoughts stuck into my mind. You end up trying to focus on the sounds around you whether they’re from outside, music, or even someone talking. I can completely relate to this as it’s something I do often, especially if I’m stressed.

    • I feel as though this relates to so many people. I can also connect to this idea. When you are stressed out do you find it best to not think about the stress trigger at all or to find a solution to the trigger itself?

      • erinjamieson says:

        I find it easier to try not to think about the trigger but of course ignoring it won’t make it go away. I know eventually I’ll need to face it whether I just move on or end up dealing with it. In a sense, I’ll end up doing both eventually.

    • I agree with what you said about thoughts not being able to escape my mind. When I am stressed the thing that is bothering me is all I can think about. I analyze something until I get upset enough to ruin my day. I know this is not a good way to deal with my problems and I am working on it. I find one of the best things to do when i’m upset is hang out with someone I know can make me happy. Do you do that?

      • erinjamieson says:

        Personally if I’m in a bad or upset mood, I’d rather not be around anyone. I feel that if I know I’m not the happiest, I don’t want to toss myself on others when I could potentially ruin their day as well. I find it helpful for me to just lay in my room and open the window. It relaxes me and I end up dealing with my stress eventually.

      • Thats a really good method. I will try that sometime. unfortunately I sometimes ruin other peoples days. But that is something I am trying to work on. Not to spread my bad moon onto others. Moods are contagious!

  5. erinjamieson says:

    In the novel, Frank/Fred informs Jade and Celia that Danny has been severally injured in the war. Jade is in complete an utter fear that Danny won’t make it. She begins to grieve by playing “Danny Boy” on her fiddle. This is a text to world connection as all over the world, families and friends hear about their loved ones getting injured and dying in the war. Who wouldn’t be afraid that they won’t make it and come home? Everyone has a way of grieving while hoping that their loved ones make it home alive.

      • erinjamieson says:

        For me, It will depend on the type of song. Some music has lyrics that hit the weak spots of me but there’s also song lyrics which can help you/me be okay and move on during that time but other than that, I’m definitely the person to listen to music when grieving!

  6. The second connection I made was a text to world connection and It is between the fight against Al-Qaeda in 2001 and the fight against Isis today. These battles are very similar to each other and the reason I can make a connection between these two is because in 2001 I didnt watch the news so I wasn’t aware of 9/11 and the Afghanistan war. Now a days I watch the news and occasionally read the paper. What the analysts are saying about Isis are the same things they are saying about Al-Qaeda. They both cause an extreme threat to north america and canada and america are using military force.

    • Kevin do you think that the Afghanistan war was started for oil? I believe that 9/11 was perpetrated by members of the US government so that they would have an excuse to wage war on Afghanistan and take control of the oil there. There is an overwhelming amount of evidence that 9/11 didn’t happen how they said it did. What do you think?

      • i have recently been investigating 9/11 and the Afghanistan on the internet late at night. On the internet I find some of the conspiracy theories to be ridiculous. Thousands of innocent people died that day and to say it was perpetrated by members of the us government to have and excuse to go to war is very ridiculous and offensive. On the other hand I do believe that Obama may be either an alien or muslim. Don’t you find it odd that he has never presented his birth certificate to the public??

  7. My second post is a text to self connection. I chose this quote to connect with because it reminds me of how I feel when there is something really special to me that I have a hard time sharing. “Maybe I should want to get more people involved. But for some reason it feels so important right now to have this one this that belongs to me.” In this quote Kae refers to the food run that she is in charge of. I understand why she wouldn’t want to share one of the only things that makes her happy. That is kind of how I feel about music, it is special to me and its something I like to keep to myself most of the time. When something isn’t just “yours” anymore it can be a hard change to go through, sometimes it is just easier to keep secrets to yourself.

    • Hm, that’s interesting!! Sometimes when I find something I love, I just want to share it with the world. But other times, you’re right, I get more private about it. Wonder why there’s two different reactions for the same thing, any ideas?

      • That’s a good question, now that I think about it again there are many things that are special to me that I want to share with people. I think some things are just more private and people feel if you share them they will change.

      • The idea of change is a scary one, even if it is for the better because we’re losing something- in this case, perhaps familiarity. Do you think that there’s a chance sharing something you might not want to now will be beneficial to you in the future, even if you don’t see how it would at the time? Taking that into consideration, is this leap of faith something you would feel inclined to think about doing now?

    • I agree with you. I have the same connection to music, and it is so powerful when you are listening to music alone or just singing a song by yourself. Do you feel that you want to share your talent to the world once you have mastered a particular piece?

    • Anonymous says:

      Tina Kosoric

      I could relate to the part where you said that if something isn’t just yours anymore it can be a hard change to go through. Over the past two years I have had my step mom and step sister move in with me and I definitely found it hard right from the beginning to have to share my father with my new family, along with the house and everything else. It was definitely a roller coaster of emotions for me.

  8. 1984 by George Orwell
    (t-s) The way Winston is slowly realizing the corruption in this society, thinking outside the box and not taking the big brother’s message at face value is how all people should view things. Too often people become manipulated by publicity and “facts”. Sometimes I wonder that if I had grown up in a world that taught hateful ideals, would I oppose? I would hope I would know better, but I could see how it could be difficult to think differently when you are taught something with such certainty.
    (t-w) The way the children in the book were playing and pretending to be the spies like kids typically pretend to be superheroes was eerie. The kids from such a young age were being brainwashed to think being a spy to seek out people who were thinking freely and punishing them was cool. This reminds me of the Hitler youth during the Holocaust. They would admire the ss soldiers and aim to be like them, and trusted in everything they stood for. This book was released just after WWII, so I believe this was George Orwell’s comment on that part of history.

  9. The Infinite Sea – Rick Vancey

    t-t – While reading I found a paragraph that reminded me a lot of an episode of the show Grey’s Anatomy. The paragraph was describing a severely injured person with one of the characters attending to them and the imagery used made me think of an episode where there was a bunch of injured people in a boat fire and all the doctors were attending to them. In the book it said “stabbed in one leg, shot in the other, covered in burns, bones breaking, shaking with high fever..”(pg 119). When it said this, I immediately imagined a specific scene and patient in Grey’s Anatomy where basically the same thing was happening.

    t-s – Another connection I found was when a character said “if one little girl has to die so six other people can live, then that’s the price.” (pg 142).
    This reminded me of my word religion class when we had a discussion about morality. We talked about moral codes in society and one of the examples was basically “If there was a choice between one person dying, or 5 people, which would you let happen”. We had a big debate over these examples about morality and it was really interesting! That quote really reminded of the discussion we had that day in class.

  10. Mackie Curtis says:

    The Help
    Kathryn Stockett
    (T-T): I found similarities between this book, and the book I was previously reading. In Sarah Dessen’s Lock and Key, Ruby is neglected by her mother that same way that Mae’s mother doesn’t care about her. Mae’s mom leaves all the care for her child to the house maid and she misses watching her girl grow up. Likewise, in Lock and Key, Ruby’s mom packs up and leaves, leaving her daughter in the hands of someone else. I think it’s very interesting that, although these two books are set in very different time periods, the characters actually face similar obstacles.
    (T-S): So far, The Help has been told from the point of view of Aibileen, a black house maid. Her job requires her to follow all orders from her ‘superiors’ or else she’ll be fired. Furthermore, she has to refrain from talking back or having any opinions on what she’s asked to do. I don’t mean to say that the chores I’m asked to do around the house are equivalent to being a house maid with no rights, however, sometimes I’m treated the same way on a smaller scale. My parents are my superiors because they can take away anything they want if I don’t oblige. I can relate to the way Aibileen must feel by being inferior and having to do things she doesn’t want.

    • I haven’t read the lock and key yet but I just bought it! is it any good? The way you referred to your self like a maid with your parents being more superior was a really interesting way of looking at it! I never really thought about it on that level before and found it very interesting to think about.

    • I have read both the book and watched the movie for The Help. Your text to self paragraph is relatable in the same aspect to me aswell because my parents also make me do chores around the house. We are so lucky to live in the 21st century, I hated how the ladies in the help talked down to their maids. Maids did a lot back in that time too, they not only cleaned and cooked but they also took care of the families children. If someone did all those things for me I would be so greatful to them, not treat them like they are less than me.

  11. Breaking the Rules- Katie McGarry
    Pg. 206
    Text-Self connection

    In the book Noah is sitting in his car in a church parking lot scoping out the house of his grandparents he’s never met. While waiting in the parking lot a priest approached his car. This priest turned out to be his uncle, who asked him some questions and gave him a bit of advice. This reminded me of a day in July this past summer. My friends and I were bored and just hanging out in a car in a church parking lot near our houses. We were minding our own business when a church member approached our car out of no where. The man offerer us a pamphlet about God and Christianity. He then went on to tell us about some of his religious views. It was an unexpected and interesting experience to say the least. Although mine and Noah’s encounters in a church parking lot were not identical they were both unexpected and this scene very much reminded me of being approached that day.

    • erinjamieson says:

      This is an interesting connection as I’ve experienced something very similar to this. After the church member left, did his speech on his religion change your religious views or have you questioning your original thoughts before he approached the car?

      • Although I very much respected his views, what he said did not change mine. I did not grow up in a religous family and am quite content and secure with my current religous views. Although, his speech did make me think about how important his religion must have been to him for him to be so passionate about sharing it with others. It made me think about what it would be like to have religion play a very big role in my life and be something I thought about daily since I currently and at the time didn’t give this idea much thought.

  12. Breaking The Rules – Katie McGarry
    Pg. 206
    Text to text connection

    Noah’s uncle that he met while scoping out his grandparents house said to him “There’s a reason why Sarah ran and why I followed in her footsteps. Talk to me before you cross that bridge.” This comment was very mysterious and caused a lot of curiously with its a dangerous edge. Why did they run away? What could be so bad about Noah’s grandparents? Are they a threat to Noah in any way? Will he go talk to his uncle? This very much reminded me of the books in the Dark Secrets series by Elizabeth Chandler as I found myself asking similar questions while reading these books. In the Dark Secrets series most of the stories told involved a dark and somewhat dangerous mystery that had to do with the protagonists family, just like Breaking The Rules has a mysterious family related element. There was a lot of secrets the main character was trying to find the answers to in the Dark secrets books just like Noah is searching for the answers to questions revolving around his mother and her parents. I felt like the line I quoted could have been from Dark Secrets when I first read it as it had a very similar feel to lines that were said in that book.

  13. The Rosie Project – Graeme Simsion
    Pg. 100
    Text-World Connection

    In this book, Don mentions his familiarity with bars and the general bar scene as he visits them quite frequently, especially when he travels. I found this related to the real world as bars tend to be regular meeting places for business meetings, social gatherings and random drop ins. Many people will visit the bar quite often and become quite familiar with the setting and the scenery, just as Don says he is. In today’s world, bars and clubs are the most exciting and busiest places when the most exciting places used to be more simple and effortless.

    • Interesting connection. Which one of the uses that you mentioned could you see yourself using the bar for in the future? Would you predict you will end up going to the bar for social or buisness gatherings, random drop ins, being a regular at a particular place or not really going at all? Like you said bars and clubs are quite popular in today’s day. For those of us that are yet to turn 18 this is something that will soon become much more relevant in our lives.

      • I think that going to the bar is more of a social gathering spot rather than business meetings. Especially as we all come closer to or turn 18, we will all be spending time there and most of those times will not be for anything more than a good time.

  14. The Rosie Project – Graeme Samson
    Pg. 100
    Text-Self Connection

    I found a text to self connection in this book as Don adapts to changes taking place in his life. He is experiencing a whirlwind of new things and while the change is difficult, he is slowly opening up and becoming more willing. I found this to relate to me as I too become very set in my ways and find a sudden change to be very challenging to deal with. Even though it’s usually for the best, that doesn’t necessarily make the change any easier. A certain routine or simple action may become a part of daily life and when it becomes disturbed, the change can be difficult to adapt to but it must be done.

    • Why do you think that is so hard for people to accept change? Do you think that is because they like their routine as it is and don’t want to stray away from the norm? Or is it because they are afraid of the change being bad?

      • I think it’s because they are afraid. I find that we tend to cling on to what we think is normal and is best for us but in reality the change we may encounter may be for the best in the long run.

  15. Nicholas Nickleby by Charles Dickens
    (T-T) I found a connection to another of Dickens’ books, Great Expectations, when Pip arrives in London he is in awe of the city and the same happens when Nicholas and Smike return to London after a long time away.
    (T-W) The London scenes always remind me of the Industrial Revolution as that’s when many of Dickens’ books are set, and he often includes characters that move from the country to urban London just as millions of Brits did during the early to mid 1800s.

  16. This weeks reading assignment is connections. Immediately one text to self contention jumped out at me. One of the big ideas in the book is that Denny’s wife Eve is diagnosed a Terminal illness. At the age of nine years old my father suffered a massive heart attack and almost died. He wasn’t extremely overweight, weighing 225 at 5’11. He wasn’t fit in any sense of the world but he didn’t look like he should be having a heart attack the age of 39. In the book they has no idea that Eve was sick. It came as a huge shock to our family when it happened to my dad. At the age of nine I wasn’t informed how serious it was. Just like in the book no one tells the child how serious it is.

    One of the other big connections I found was text to text. There are countless cases of book and movies where a main character dies. It adds a interesting spin to a novel or movie. No one wants to read a book where everything goes perfectly and death is one of the things that can change a story to a huge degree. You can really connect this book with any book or movie that a main character dies. Just a few examples are; P.S I Love You, the Harry Potter series, of mice and men.

    • Im sorry to hear that but very Glad your dad is okay. Do you think it was best for you at that age to not know the seriousness of the event? Or would you have preferred to have been told the full truth, even though you were young? Do you think in this book it is a good idea/fair to withhold information about Eve’s illness from the child?

      • These experiences reminded me of when my grandfather got cancer two years ago. Although I was definitely old enough to understand and see the signs, the adults in my life kept my knowledge about it to a minimum. My family verges on traditional in the sense that every member of a unit has their place in it so I understand their hesitation although I don’t agree with it. I would prefer to know everything next time so I could have the chance to understand and accept the situation in my own way while the person is still here, no matter how young, no matter anything.

  17. Book: Eat, Pray, Love
    Author: Elizabeth Gilbert
    Page: 107

    The first connection I came across while reading Eat, Pray, Love is a text to world connection. In this connection Liz talks about the issues Italy has been dealing with recently from sending soldier to fight an American war. “They died for freedom,… But most would say they died for George Bush’s personal vendetta.” relates to a real world issue due to the Italians fighting in an American war. This creates corruption in the relationship between the two countries because the Italians are risking their lives fighting for people that are not even their own. Liz talks about the depression in Rome during the time of finding out nineteen of the Italian soldiers had been killed. Liz states that because of the war she expected to receive some resentment from the Italians but only received sympathy. This connection shows the history of resentment people had for George Bush even in countries outside of America.

  18. Anonymous says:

    The book thief:
    The first text connection I found was a text-to-world connection. This connection is fairly straightforward and every reader would be able to make this connection with ease. The connection is with the setting of the story: Nazi Germany in 1939. This book takes place throughout World War II. Since the connection takes place throughout the entire novel, there is not a specific excerpt that can relay this, but it is made very obvious by the narrator right off the bat. Throughout the book, allusions are made to real events in the world from that time that fit in with the novels story line. (Kristallnaucht, Hitler, bombings, ect..) So the reader can easily make these connections, and many more WWII connections based on their level of knowledge on the subject.

    The second text connection I found was a text-to-text connection. Liesel struggles learning to read and write when she first arrives on Himmel St. Books become a very important part of her life early on, because a book that she is unable to read is her only connection to her dead brother. So, there is a text to text connection with the “Grave Diggers Handbook” that Liesel stole from her brothers grave.

  19. Book: Eat, Pray, Love
    Author: Elizabeth Gilbert
    Page: 35

    This self to text connection is from the beginning of the book, when I first started reading. Liz feels as though she is stuck in a life she doesn’t want. She doesn’t want to be in a bad marriage, trying for a baby and working in New York City. Liz wants to experience life on her own by going to places she has never experienced before. When Liz finally builds up the courage to leave the life she no longer loves to find herself I found this relatable to my life. I do love high school and I am starting to like Winnipeg more and more, but next year I have decided to move away for school to develops new experiences. I feel that it is really important to make change in your life when you can because it helps you grow. By moving away next year I hope to develope a stronger sense of who I am, which I believe is something that is hard to do if I am always around the same people and the same environment. I love my family and friends so much but moving on is sometimes something you need to overcome every once in awhile.

  20. Book: Where she went
    Author: Gayle Forman
    Pages read: 61

    (T-S) My first text connection is a text to self connection. One of the characters has lost her entire family in a tragic car accident. The other main character talks about how his problems seem so significant and how his life is so difficult. He knows it is unfair to compare his problems to hers because of what she has gone through. But at the same time he feels like his problems are so significant and drastic and he doesn’t know how he will ever move forward. I feel as though almost everyone can relate to this situation in a way. We all have our individual problems that seem to be so significant and life changing at the time. And even though we are fully aware that there are people in the world with much worse problems than us, we continue to think that our problems are the worst and there is nothing that can ever make them better.

    (T-T) This book is a sequel to the book If I Stay. There are some similarities between the two books but also some significant differences as well. One of the major differences between the two books is the point of view. The first story was written from the point of view of Mia, the young girl who was in the accident. The second book is written from the point of view of her now ex-boyfriend, Adam. I found this interesting to hear what his side of the story was. Another thing I found interesting was the time gap between the two novels. Usually in a series one book will end and the other will pick up where it left off. This one is different. There is a long period of time that happens between the two books. The author hasn’t expressed yet how long it has been between the novels or even since the last time they saw each other.

  21. (T-S) There was a part in my book where my main character Gillian was walking through an empty parking lot at night. When she spots a van coming towards her she starts to panic, and thinks of all the horrible outcomes that could occur, not thinking in proportion. I made a connection as soon as i read it. When i am walking alone at night, and I see someone or a sketchy vehicle, i think over every negative possible outcome. No matter where it is, I constantly replay the outcomes in my head.

    (T-T) In my book there is an author who writes thriller/horror books. Her husband recently went missing, and Gillian lives at home with her son. Recently there have been murders plotting Gillian’s book. The killer… is obsessed with Gillian and is watching her every move. This plot is really similar to another great book i read called Slice. In Slice there is a serial killer on the prowl. Again plotting his murders based on his favorite authors books. I could also connect that to a text-to-world connection, How many psychopaths, and serial killers plot there actions because of books, TV, movies, social media etc.. Although it may sound over exaggerated and made up in books etc.. the truth is, it does happen. It might not happen to the extent of what happens in fictions, but we can never tell what is running through someones head.

    • I can relate to what you are saying about walking alone in the dark. Why do you think it is that we feel this way? Do you think it is just natural instincts or do you think that we get these feelings because of things we’ve read in books or seen on TV?

  22. Anonymous says:

    Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks

    T-S: Throughout my novel, mysterious questions are asked in my mind.. Like what is Katie hiding? I don’t feel as a reader that I should trust her just yet, her intentions are risky. I feel as though something from the past will creep up soon. I feel a text to self connection because I know how it feels to always have a question on your mind.. always feeling like things should be asked because you’re confused or unaware of the given situation. I’ve had friends where they would hide something and I wouldnt feel comfortable around them because I have so many un answered questions for them, I’m in the end you have to face some serious consequences, but not so serious..

    T-T: A text to text connection that I’ve found in my book is Katie is living a lie basically, she has a hidden identity and nobody knows who she really is. She moved to South Port to “start new” buy actually she moved there to get away from everything in the past, she hates everything about the past and she’ll do anything to get away from it. I connected it to the day time show I watch “Young and the Restless”, there’s a story line in that show which has people coming and leaving into Genoa City, people are mysterious and things keep happening, it all builds up to some secret that everyone knows about which usually always goes downhill. In the Y&R the role Gabriel Behigm is someone living in the town which whom nobody knows about, and everyone around Gabe is believing him, he has a hidden identity but his real name is Adam Newman, which originally Adam died last year in a car crash but obviously Genoa city is being fooled, Adam is actually alive. Right in front of your faces and you don’t even know it, not even his wife.

  23. My Friend Leonard By James Frey

    (t-t) I found that reading this novel I could understand James in more detail and learn more about him. “I want to drink, but i know that drinking will kill me. I want Lilly, but i know she’s not coming back. I am tired and I want to sleep. Sleep is not coming. I lie on the floor.” (p.58) Reading this quote reminds me of an instance in A million little pieces where James and Lily are continuously longing for one another and hoping that they will meet up again soon. Only now, James is all alone, at least that is how he feels since the love of his life has killed herself. I think that this text relates to a lot of novels that Ellen Hopkins has written about as well.

    (t-s) “I feel like i’m going to explode. I scream. At the top of my lungs. Long and hard, scream so that my lungs hurt, my throat hurts, my face hurts. I scream into pillows. I walk to the lake scream at the water. Stand in a park and scream into a tree. Does’t matter where I am I just need to f—ing scream. It makes me feel better.” (p.87) I can relate to the way that James is feeling in this quote. All of the frustration and anger all piled up, the overwhelming urge to just give up completely, to throw away all of the days clean from using drugs, and drinking – Of course I’m not an alcoholic or a drug addict but I know the feeling of wanting to give in to self destructive behaviours again. Sometimes I think it helps to let it all out somehow. At least, that is how I feel.

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