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Category: Beautiful/Inspiring
Theme: Prespectives on Life

“Because Who is Perfect”

Dove- Choose Beautiful

 What was the most striking moment/memory you have from wither video?  Why does that moment stick in your memory? Why is it so powerful?

30 thoughts on “Vids . . .#3

  1. I thought that the first one fit the theme and category better. One of the moments I remember is from the first one when the girl was standing outside of the window looking at her mannequin. And the way she looked was happy and proud of herself which is what made me remember it more easily.

  2. I honestly can’t choose between the two videos, I find them both amazing and very emotional. I honestly have to go with both. For the first I loved the ending when all the models were made to everyone’s body, I strongly find that amazing, not everyone is the same, not even close and that project is so intriguing and shows that there should be no standard of “normal” everyone is perfect in their own way. With the second I found it more relatable since I’m a girl and girls tend to struggle with that situation more, I also found it very emotional because you really see how much girls will put themselves down because of how media will make us feel, the part that stood out to me most was how all these stunning women saw them selves as average because that’s what they’ve been conditioned to think.

  3. Truthfully I didn’t find either how those videos very inspiring. If i had to pick one I guess it would have to be the second one because it shows how powerful self image is. I found the girl with the strange back striking. It was nice to see her smile about her body and not be ashamed of it.

  4. It is very hard to pick a “winner” between these videos so it’s a tie. The first video wins because it shows us that no one is the same and maniquinns are unrealistic. The second video wins because it is dealing with trying to change the way society is and the way people see themselves and others. I remember the doors most because the video is meant to make you think weather you would choose “average” or “beautiful”.

  5. The first video “Because who is perfect” had a scene towards the end that stood out to me. The girl who had a curved spine had her manneqine in the window and while she was admiring it in the window the people that were walking by stopped to look at what a beautiful moment it was for the girl to see a model of herself rather than a Barbie like model. I believe the message this designer was trying to potray to the world that no one is perfect could be very inspiring to people who struggle with body image, which sadly is the good majority of our society.

  6. I think choose beautiful the second video won. It was more positive and uplifting. Also it was more relatable for girls. Made me think about which door I would chose put in that situation and why I would chose the door. It was sad to see how many people think that they are only average or are to afraid of people judging them for them thinking they are beautiful that they go through the average door.
    The most striking memory I had from the videos was when people were taking pictures of and posing with the
    the manikin of the girl with the crooked back. It stuck in my memory because it was so telling of how people would look at her as being different and not normal, since they found her body different enough to want to take a picture of it. It was powerful because it showed how people natually react the the different bodies without them being sensitive to the fact that it is a real person.

  7. The second video won for me because it is so relevant to girls all over the world. Most girls I know would probably choose the average door even though they are all very beautiful. It also won because it made me feel really happy for the girls when they chose the beautiful door and that is something I will always think about now. Trying to lift people up and make them feel good about themselves!

    The most striking moment for me in the beautiful video is how many beautiful people walked through the average door. I feel like if you put yourself through the average door you are being safe. Everyone is beautiful in their own way. If i was a mother I would want my daughter to think she is beautiful and unique as I’m sure all mothers do. The most striking part to me from the “because who is perfect” video was when all of the people saw their mannequins for the first time and were looking closely and touching them. The look on their faces is hard to forget. They seemed genuinely happy.

  8. what I found was most memorable was in the first video where the mannequin for the girl with the back problem was in the store window and the people walking by would stop, take pictures of it and obviously comment or make fun of the mannequin, especially the two girls who curved their body to mimic the girl. I think it refects on what we think is ‘presentable’ and what we are used to seeing. It’s so rare that anyone with an obvious physical disability is represented in the media and when we do its so abnormal that we assume it’s a joke.

  9. I loved both of them for sure.

    What was striking from the first one was that there was absolutely no obstacle that the man who was sculpting couldn’t overcome. He made those men and women feel special. And as for the Dove video, I found that it was a wonderful way to let yourself know what you think. And that it was really sweet. Females should always go towards the beautiful side even if they don’t feel beautiful, because they never know, once they step through they might actually feel better about themselves.

  10. I personally think that the first video had been more powerful compared to the second one because it shows that even though you may have a disability, nobody resembles the mannequins shown in stores. The visual that really stuck out to me was when the models saw their mannequins for the first time and couldn’t help but smile. It made each one of them feel special and indifferent from everyone else.

  11. I think the winner for me was the first video with all of the people with disabilities because it showed how everyone is equal and no one is more “perfect” than another. the thing I found shocking was in the second video how the majority of the women chose average because that’s truly how they see themselves and I think that’s a bit sad, because everyone is beautiful in their own way.

  12. I think the second video won because it showed the turmoil a person faces when they try to decide if they have what it takes to be ‘beautiful’. I thought it was beautiful to see people change their minds about themselves. The image that stuck in my mind was a women walking through the beautiful door with her arms out and a huge smile on her face. People who embrace the fact that they are beautiful, are so much happier.

  13. I liked both of the videos equally. I feel like they both had such a strong powerful message behind them. They both made you realize that everyone is beautiful and no one is perfect.
    The most shocking thing to be was that manicans come in the “ideal” body type and shape. realistically there are many people out there that don’t have perfect bodies. I thought it was really interesting to see them build manicans to accommodate their shapes and sizes.

  14. What stuck with me most in the first video is how the people were looking at the maniquins like there was Somthing off about them because they weren’t “normal ” or “perfect” I think what stuck with me most is at the end of the first video when it says “who’s perfect anyways”

  15. I don’t want to choose between the two. I think they both win because even if your different in a way by missing a part of your body or having a disability it doesn’t mean there is something wrong with you, it just means your unique. And with the dove video seeing all those people walk through the average door was just not right because everyone is beautiful.

    The one image that striked me the most was in the dove video there was one girl that just decided to walk away from both doors. She didn’t feel like she belonged to walk into either door and that’s all because of society today. It’s what other people put into your mind what you look like. Life shouldn’t be that way.

  16. jlickley says:

    It was a hard decision between the two videos because they both have such a strong message behind them. But because I have to pick only one I would pick the first one because. It showed there physical happiness behind their body image and how they all could accept it instead of being ashamed of there body image.

    An image that sticks in my mind is when the women was standing infront of the window looking at her manikin and she was smiling back at it.

  17. Both videos had an impact on me emotionally because it was reality, nobody is perfect but everybody is beautiful. I find it hard to chose a favourite because both of them pointed to being confident in who you are. If I had to chose i would say video two was better. I found it interesting that they actually did that kind of experiment and the results also shocked me. The most striking thing for me about it was that some woman went though the average door but then later admitted they think they’re beautiful. This specific part made me realize that a lot of our actions then aren’t based on the way we perceive ourself but the way we believe others do.

  18. I would have to pick the second video because it shows how our society casts a “perfect” self image of what a human “should” look like. And if you don’t meet that standard than you aren’t “perfect”. That is the message that has been burnt into all of our heads. The two doors are the proof. No matter what you look like, someone is going to find you beautiful. An image that stuck in my mind was women second guessing themselves when they were about to walk through the beautiful door. They then switched doors to walk through the average door.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Both videos were inspiring and emotional for me. I would definelty have to choose “because who is perfect” video because it defined that nobody is perfect and when you walk by a store with mannequins that’s all you ever see is normal bodies, but this video made it clear that nobody is perfect and people with disabilities deserve to have their body shown off despite of what they have, it truly shows how beautiful each and everyone is. The moment that stuck into my head was when the girl with the arched over back saw her body in the window of that store, it must have been so heart warming and beautiful to have seen my own body in a window to show off to everyone who walks by, it really does represent that nobody is perfect. The video was very powerful because nobody would have thought to do that, and it’s such a beautiful thing.

  20. Anonymous says:

    I cant choose between the two videos. I thought it was striking how the girl at the end of the first video was looking at the mannequin of herself and smiling, and other people stopped to look at her, and they could probably notice the simmalarities. For the Dove video, i thought that it was interestinf how we can percieve ourselves much more differently than how others percieve us. For instance, the mother who pulled her daughter through the beautiful door I think demonstrates this.

  21. I cant choose between the two videos. I thought it was striking how the girl at the end of the first video was looking at the mannequin of herself and smiling, and other people stopped to look at her, and they could probably notice the simmalarities. For the Dove video, i thought that it was interestinf how we can percieve ourselves much more differently than how others percieve us. For instance, the mother who pulled her daughter through the beautiful door I think demonstrates this.

  22. For me I would say that the second video won. I found that the second video really made me think about what I would do had I been put in that situation. Self confidence is an issue that is very prevalent in our society and especially in girls. The video really gets you thinking and for this reason I feel like that is the winning video. A moment that stood out for me the most was in the first video. When the mannequins were put into the window and all of the people were stopping to look at them. Some of the people were acting as if it were a joke and taking pictures while others were admiring the far from normal mannequins we are used to seeing.

  23. I think the second video wins because, it made me think about which door I would walk through. I Honestly don’t know which door I would choose in the moment. I think the choice of beautiful or average really depends on what my current state of mind is. Some days I feel confident, others I don’t. I think the part that stuck out for me was when the women were talking about their choice, as how they didn’t even hesitate about going through the average door. It was very poemwerful to see because all of those women are so pretty. It really makes you aware of how others see themselves.

  24. Sam chicoine says:

    I found the first video more effective video was the first one. At every store you walk in the mannequins generally look very similar. They are tall and slim and don’t even begin to cover the wide range of body shapes present in this world. I think it was important that they acknowledged that.
    The memory that sticks out in my mind is when the woman in the video was hugging the mannequin that was made to look like her. Seeing the visual of herself and gaining respect from people and perspective, she was able to accept her individuality.

  25. The most striking moment in either video for me was in the second clip when it showed the first women choosing the average door. It was striking because though it was predictable, you found yourself cheering on and supporting the women from behind the screen, yet they still chose the average door, letting you down. And then you think, ‘I would have chosen the beautiful door’. But would you have, not really knowing what was going on and to have the unexpected pressure of actually stopping and thinking about what you would choose and why? It makes you think if you actually would and why. It makes you remember that if the women in that video should all walk through the beautiful door, then you should too.

  26. For me the second video won, both videos were very inspiring but the second one connected more to me than the first one did. Girls are always judging themselves (myself included) and it is usually in a negative way so this is why the video spoke to me more.
    The most striking moment I had was when girls I thought were beautiful went through the average door. It stuck in my mind because I couldn’t figure out why they would walk through the average door when they’re clearly so beautiful. I think this is really powerful because it shows how people are very judgemental about themselves due to society’s opinions and perception of beauty.

  27. I think the second video had a more powerful impact on me because it was relatable. Even though I wasn’t being faced with the 2 doors, it was such a confrontation. Without a doubt I know I would walk through the “Average” door but why is that? Seeing how many women did walk through the average door and then regretted it after just kind of made me think. It’s sad in a way that so many of us have been okay with defining ourselves as “Average”. I think it was also really heart warming to see how the mom pulled her daughter into the beautiful door, because it shows that even though you may not always view yourself as beautiful, there’s people out there who do.

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