Vids That Make You Go Hmmmmm . . .

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A while ago I attended a PD that focused on using short videos in the classroom. In general the videos were:
-3 minutes or less
– “pre-viral”, meaning the less views, the better
– School appropriate/educational value


And generally the videos fell into a category of : inspiring, fascinating, jaw dropping, courageous, beautiful, informative, funny.

I thought it be interesting to try this in our class. So here we go!

Category: Fascinating

Theme: Thinking About Social Media

First, we are going to watch both videos as a class. Once the video is done, you are going to :

-decide which video “wins” and why

-answer the post video quick write topic


Post video quick write:

 Should we be so obsessed with documenting the smallest details of our lives on social media? Why/why not?



37 thoughts on “Vids That Make You Go Hmmmmm . . .

  1. the second one wins because I never realized how much information you put out for others to see about yourself it was very fascinating. I don’t think that we should be so obsessed with documenting little things in our lives. My opinion is that the more pictures you take while doing something you are no longer fully experiencing it. If we put down the phone we can experience it better and it will be more real.

  2. 1) The first video wins for me because the message is stronger. It shows that everyone knows everything whether you want them to or not.

    2) I don’t think we should be obsessed with documenting our lives online. Social media is a great way of communicating with each other and with the rest of the world but our personal lives should be kept personal. Some things are okay to go on social media but the whole world doesn’t need to know every detail that takes place every second of our lives.

  3. I don’t think we should be obsessed with documenting every detail
    Of our life because there are creepy people out there and they can find your information really quickly. The first video wins because he went up to people and started picking out information that they thought he would no idea knowing .

  4. I think the second one wins. It’s realistic and interesting to see how people react to strangers knowing their personal information that they publicly share online. I like that the reactions are planned or the video wasn’t scripted. I also am not a fan on nickelback so I wasn’t a fan of the first hahah.

    I don’t think we should be so obsessed about documenting such small details of our lives on social media. We do it for likes and so people know what we’re up to but as we do this we lose the experience and don’t capture all the memories since were glued to our phone trying to think of a caption or choose a filter. I think we should just put our phone down and enjoy the small details going on around us.

  5. The second video wins for me because I enjoyed the second video more and I think it proved more about the way social media works. When put in situations like the second video, where random strangers could know personal details of your life, it seems like it might actually be dangerous to share so much online. The first video just makes sharing so much seem ridiculous. I often think we shouldn’t be so obsessed with social media, and rather, we should actually see the world instead of just taking pictures of it.

  6. erinjamieson says:

    In my opinion the second one wins as it’s alarming to realize that strangers have access to your person information. Virtually anyone can obtain any type information about yourself.
    I don’t think that society should be obsessed with documenting every little detail in their life. First off, some of these things are almost pointless to share. Secondly, you are more focused on the world seeing your daily activities rather than focusing on actually participating in life yourself.

  7. The second video wins because it was more perspective changing. I didn’t realize that some random person who’s looking at your social media on the street could figure these things out about you. The confrontation of him going up to the people was an eye opener. I’m glad My social media accounts are on private! We almost make it too easy for stalkers.

    We shouldn’t be so obsessed with documenting every little thing on social media. I think this because lots of the things people post are really irrelevant, and it takes away from important things. Another reason is just that it’s not healthy. People need to learn to look up from their screens every once and a while.

  8. In my opinion “look at this Instagram” won for me. It won because it was very interesting and entertaining. It held my attention the whole time. I actually found it really funny at how true all the lyrics were. I have seen everyone of the pictures they showed on that video and I’m sure many other people recognized that maybe their posts are not as clever or unique as they thought. This video was also fun because of the catchy tune in the background.
    I don’t think people should be obsessed with every little detail of their lives being posted for anyone to see. If people are so freaked out by strangers knowing who they are they shouldn’t make such personal info public.

  9. I believe the Nickelback parody is more interesting because it was more entertaining to watch social media be made fun of in a creative tune.

    The music video made fun of the fact that our generation is so obsessed with posting every documentation that occurres in our life. I believe we should not be so obsessed with posting every day of our lives and worrying about the amount of “likes” the photo or video recieves. It is difficult to evolve yourself from this obsession with technology when all of your friends and the celebrities you look up to do the same.

  10. I enjoyed the first video “Looks at this Instagram”. It was funny and enjoyable but it wasn’t exactly fascinating. So for me the second video won. It was interesting to see how much you can learn from someone if they don’t keep they Instagram on private.

    I don’t believe that we should take pictures and tweet about every little thing we do. It takes away from doing those things. In some cases you see people who care so much about likes and favorites that they get more caught up trying to be popular on social media and forget to just enjoy what they are actually doing,

  11. I found that the first video was better, because it held a true meaning of what people really do and what they really post on Instagram. The second video showed truly how people were weirded out by the host. I like the song definitely better.

    We shouldn’t be obsessed with posting on social media. It is only distracting us from reality. From the outside world. We are always told by parents especially when we were little to go outside and play more, to not be on our electronics. They claim that back then they didn’t have many electronics sometimes not even any. And yet they turned out alright. They tell us stories about how they played with their brothers and sisters all the time, or even their friends. They had fun. So they always tried to push us to go outside. But now since with newer and better pieces of technology coming out, the urge to look at our phones and tablets, is stronger and harder to take away from us.

  12. I believe that the first video wins because i found it funny and creative. I don’t believe we should document the small and unimportant parts of our life for one sole reason. Nobody cares about these small aspects of your life. Every once and a while when someone cool happens in your life i find it appropriate to tweet or Instagram about it. Nobody enjoys the people online who feel the need to share with people every single thing they do over social media. If you are the type of person who instagrams everyday about what you’re having for lunch you’re gonna get the unfollow real quick.

  13. I think the second one was more interesting because it’s funny how people who actively post on social media don’t realize how much of their information is public. I think when we post on social media we only really think about how our followers and people we know seeing it but onve something’s posted virtually anyone can see it.

    I don’t think social media is as important as some people seem to value it and I think the obsession with capturing every moment and posting it actually takes away from the experience we are posting about.

  14. After watching the 2 videos Id say that the second one wins in the sense that it shows just how public we can and have made our lives. It was funny to see how people reacted to this guy knowing all their personal information meanwhile not realizing that they’d put it on the internet for everyone and anyone to see which I think is something a lot of people forget.
    I really don’t think that people should spend so much time focused on Instagram and other social media. It’s sort of ridiculous actually. Instead of just enjoying little moments and making memories, the first thing we do is grab our phones and take a pic and spend 20 minutes trying to pick a caption and a filter.

  15. I think the second video, the Jack Vale social media experiment, won. I did enjoy the first video and thought it was funny, but funny because the stuff they were singing about was relatable and true not so much fascinating. Where as I found the second video to be more fascinating since I didn’t know someone could see all of the social media activity people had recently posted in that area. It was interesting how he was able to find out a lot about these people, actually locate them, and them not realize that they are putting out all that information for anyone to see.
    I do not think we should be so obsessed with documenting the smallest details of our lives because focusing on this takes away from enjoying the moment, what’s infront of you and the people around you. You can’t enjoy the moment nearly as well if you are busy trying to take a picture. In addition to this documenting all the smallest details can mean that you are giving out a lot of personal information over social media which I also don’t think is the best idea.

  16. For me, the jelly bean video wins because it’s crazy to think about how much time you spend doing simple, everyday, natural things throughout your life. Thousands of days is a lot to spend doing something that doesn’t take you more than five minutes from day to day. This video kind of amazed me with the average days and how they used jelly beans as a way to compare and show us what our life looks like in an object.

    My biggest “aha” moment was that maybe we don’t need to spend so much time doing simple little things that could be a waste of time. It made me think that we should be spending more time with our friends and family than we should doing our hair and makeup, which had a significantly larger amount of days than being there for your loved ones. This video makes me think about how we really use our time and how we could be wasting our lives on something that we will not be happy with in the long run.

  17. I think the second video was more interesting because it makes me think how much information is on my Instagram.. I like this video better only because it gets more of a message across on what is trying to be said.

    I don’t believe it’s a good thing that all this information is on social media. This is a great example why I keep my Instagram private so that only people I know can be looking at my picture and information. This is why we should not be posting what ever we want to social media.

  18. It’s hard to decide which video wins because they’re both so different. the first is kind of funny and relevant and the second is actually kind of interesting because you don’t realize how much people can find out about you from your social media, so I think the second wins.
    I think it’s not a good or bad thing to be so obsessed with documenting little details. I think it gives some people a sense of community to share what they’re doing with everyone. Some people really don’t care whether or not people know what they’re doing and some people do. I think it depends on the person but not everyone needs to know every single detail in your life at every second

  19. 1.The second video wins for me because I never really realized how easy it was for a complete stranger to find out so much about you just from seeing who is on social media around him.
    2. I think it is okay to be documenting the little things but sometimes I think people go a little to over board, like we don’t need to see you sitting on the toilet for #stopdropselfie

  20. 1) for me the nickel back one wins just because it’s very creative and true I had some good chuckles while watching. I thought it’s was funny when the were talking about the weird pictures the use for Instagram.

    2) no we should not be obsessed with documenting are personal lives for me I don’t understand why when some gets Somthing right away they throw it on Instagram or Twitter there is no privacy anymore

  21. Video 2 wins in my eyes! It captures the reality that truly anyone can get ahold of your social media sites. I think that too an extent it’s a good thing that our generation is obsessed with documenting our lives online. Social media can definitely have its pros and cons. One reason I’m for documenting is that it allows us to capture and share moments with whoever we please. It also will benefit us in the future because we will have so many things to look back on. With that being said, we should also watch what aspects of our lives were sharing. This video won for me because it probably made people aware that not only your pictures need a filter but you do as well.

  22. I think that the “look at this instagram” video wins because it demonstrates really well what most of us are guilty of. It’s a bit over exaggerated but non the less, accurate. I don’t think we should be so obsessed about documenting every small detail of our lives in social media. If you think about it were all pretty young, and when you document everything you’ll never be able to forget it,(which may not be a good thing depending on you’re outlook)

  23. Anonymous says:

    I think that the second one definitely did a better job of demonstrating how much information can be acquired through social media and how creepy it can be!! The first one focused more on how annoying it is. I think it’s good to be documenting little things in our lives. For example, I’m not very concerned if someone knows the name of my dog. But I think it’s important to not post very personal information like your address and phone number. Also, i don’t think it should be an obsession. I try to only post really important things and not every tiny aspect of my life.

  24. The first video takes my fancy more. They use a very special way to express their thought. People always take the picture of what they saw and sometimes the real thing is totally different from the picture.

    In my opinion, we should not leave very specific detail on social media. It could make us in danger. In the second video, if the guy is going to cheat those people instead of making this video. They will probably lost something. He can pretend a person who close to you but haven’t seen in years. There are lots of this kind of cheaters in China.

  25. jlickley says:

    I think that the second video wins because it was more interesting to see how easily a stranger can find out such personal characteristics about you. It’s almost scary to think that people can find out everything about you in so little time.

    I don’t think everyone should be so obsessed with posting such personal characteristics about themselves. I think its a waste of time to be so obsessed with the Internet, living our lives through screens.

  26. In my opinion the second video wins because it was the more interesting video to me personally. This video shows how anyone can see what you post on social media, even something that you wouldn’t want most people to see. There is no privacy when it comes to social media. I strongly disagree with posting every single moment of your life on social media. It gives people information on where you are, and what you are doing at all times. How easy would it be for a stranger to find you?

  27. In my opinion, I think the second video is more interesting because you can truly see how much information about you is available for the public to see. People you don’t know can find exactly where you are/were and know things about you with you having no idea. It’s powerful to see how much people can really find out about you through social media.

  28. I think the first video wins. It really does show how we all post meaningless photos on Instagram. Most of which are unoriginal. I know I’ve been guilty of posting typical photos.

    I think it is neccesary to post on social media. It keeps us connected to the world. Yes, strangers can see what we post, but for the most part we decide which things we want to share. For the most part I think we are happy with our decisions.

  29. In my view, the first one is much better. It is easier to understand than the second video. It is use a very creative way to express how short the life are and how many days we waste.

  30. I would say that the second video would win. I think it’s crazy to see that just based on your location someone would be able to find you and figure out all the small details about your life that you post on social media. At the same time I feel like if there is something you don’t want people to know it shouldn’t be there to begin with.

    I think social media is great when used at an appropriate limit. We all know those people who tweet 100 times a day that we just wish would stop. I think sharing information with your followers is a great way to interact and stay connected with friends and family but I also believe that there is such a thing as too much.

  31. The first one wins me over with its humour and overall interest factor. I already had an idea from previous videos how much information random people can know about you from your social media and so keep tabs on mine. I did not realize how trivial and silly posting pictures or posts about everyday things that have already been shown a hunded times was and how the people with those accounts with them end up looking when someone points it out in this manner.
    With everything, I think moderation is key, so while it is a beautiful thing to see everyday simple things in each persons individual point of view, I think people need to start looking at things through their own eyes and not through a screen.

  32. Anonymous says:

    I think the first video was the winner because it was humorous to watch them make fun of the little details we are obsessed with sharing and how typical and unoriginal they become. I think there are a lot of things that should be kept private and far away from social media because by being preoccupied by social media we are losing sight of reality.

  33. For me the second video won because it really showed how much information a stranger can get from just looking at your social media. I would definitely be very creeped out if some random person came up to me and knew my name and personal things about me…
    I think that social media really has gone beyond what it’s meant to be, teens especially are very obsessed with posting their thoughts on Twitter and pictures on Instagram. I’m not going to lie I do tent to share a lot of my personal thoughts and pictures on social media in crazy amounts but most people my age are like that. I think that in reality we should spend less time documenting our lives on Twitter and Instagram because we don’t pay attention to who can actually see these posts that we make and it can have negative effects on us.

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