Zac and Kevin’s Vids the Make You Go Hmmmm. . .

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Theme: Sports

No Words- 2010 Stanley Cup Final -TV Spot




There Can Only Be One HBA Playoffs- 2008 Commercial


Which video wins and why?

What techniques does the video use to portray it’s message?




27 thoughts on “Zac and Kevin’s Vids the Make You Go Hmmmm. . .

  1. I think the first one would make me want to watch the playoffs more because the way the music builds up the anticipation makes me excited and want to watch it. Also because I love how they are all at a lose for words because they are so happy they don’t know how to explain it.

    • I agree with you completely, I find that intense and inspiring music in these kinds of commercial can be just as effective as the images that are being shown. The second commercial when they have no words is one of my favorite because the music is softer but still sets the mood of happiness and achievement. Everytime I watch it, it gives me goosebumps just thinking about how much hard work and sacrifice those guys went though to get to that moment.

  2. I really liked both videos but the first video made me go hmm because when you win a championship at that high leval and go through all the adversity and challenges along the way and you finally win it’s going to exhausting and leave with no words because your a champion and that’s something none can take way.

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree Kim!!! The first video makes you realize more how much winning a championship means to these guys. They dedicate their lives to their sport and when they win, there is simply no words! -Zac Cressman

  3. I think the first video wins in terms of being “inspiring”. The second video was more of an intense approach as oppose to the first video where it was light hearted and showed the players emotions. I think the music was a really good technique they used, the song along with seeing the hockey players get sort of emotional was a good way to show that the playoffs are more then a game to them, which is pretty inspiring.

  4. I like the video of the hockey players speechless because I believe sometimes you can best represent your emotions in pure silence. In every person that was shown in this video you could see the tears coming up and the emotion of joy on their faces to the point where they needed to just take a second to gather their thoughts and realize the dream has become a reality.

  5. The second video makes me want to watch the game more than the first. I liked the first one because it showed how emotional the athletes were after winning but the second video gave more of a competition feeling. The players talked about fear and at the end it said “There can only be one.” It shows how intense the competition is and that makes me more interested in watching the game.

  6. The video that won for me is the NHL playoff commercial. I think it was super impactful to show players from different teams that have won throughout the years. Having men be speechless is so unusual to see.
    The techniques this video portrays for me are they catch the viewer off guard by showing a bunch of grown men so happy they are crying. They can’t help letting their guard down even if they are on tv because they are so happy! It really warmed my heart and almost brought a tear to my eye by watching that.

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree! Seeing some of the toughest men in the world cry is strange. Just shows how much they care.
      -Zac Cressman

  7. erinjamieson says:

    In my opinion the first video wins. I found that the loss of word of the players described it all. All their hard work and effort eventually payed off for the thing that they wanted most. That video was very inspiring in the aspect of determination.

  8. The first video for the Stanley cup won for me. I found it more interesting and that feeling of being so happy from all your hard work paying off that you are lost for words was much easier to relate to than the basket ball video. It made me want to watch their playoffs because it is clear it will be heated as everyone is very emotionally invested.

    The fact that they showed so many different grown men brought to tears and unable to describe how it felt to win, was a very good technique they used to portray the message. The music that they used fit very well with the video and made it even more emotional. It’s really moving to see people react in the way these men did and it made me even more excited to watch playoffs this year!

  9. I think the first video is the winner here. I agree with what others have said about the lack of words/silnce being very impactful. I also found it interesting that in most instances the men were also crying. It seems to me that this in one of the few times where it would be appropriate for men to cry in public. . . Strangely I also had a connection to the tv series “Hockey Wives”. Anyone else watch this show? This commercial and the tv show both remind me that it may be the team that wins, but there’s lots of other people working hard in the background to help make the team successful.

  10. The first video wins for me, though I didn’t think it would before watching the second. I prefer it because of the raw emotion the clip caught and I can relate from my experiences, so it was more of a personal connection for me that won out.
    Techniques they used would be the relatable emotion in the first, the determination in the second, the intensity in the second, the way the captured the fans in the background in the first. All these different aspects, they way they filmed and edited, and put in music all play on your emotions, and each video captures different types of people.

  11. I think the first one wins because of the music. The music in the background makes it seem mystical and unreal, and the fact that each player that they interviewed couldn’t simply explain how it felt to win. You could see that they were just speechless over the fact that they’ve finally won the cup they’ve been working and training for all their lives.

  12. I like the first video better because it shows that they have worked so hard for that moment and there are so many things going on in your head at once that makes you speechless. I think it’s a good technique to show emotion in that video as it would make viewers want to watch the Stanley cup.

  13. I love the first video because I think it shows the passion in the players eyes and shows their true emotions and it makes the video feel that passion as well. The first video used emotion as a technique to get the message across. the second video used more words and by showing the players directly in the face helped to create an intensity or seriousness of the message.

  14. The first video definitely wins, because it’s real. Those were actual clips of speechless hockey players who had just won the Stanley cup. It wasn’t a scripted video, it was a real moment, that couldn’t be conveyed with words.

    The technique for the first video was definitely showing the honest emotions that the players go through after such an amazing experience. It really did show that there were no words to convey the joy.

  15. I think the first video was a clear winner. I preferred seeing the raw emotion over the solid determination.
    The techniques used were both very effective. The first had building inspirational music while the second had determine music. Although both were good I think the second was more inspirational because it’s not every day that you get to see a big burly athletic man cry.

  16. jlickley says:

    I think the first video wins because it’s interesting to see all the different players all reacting to the achievement of winning the Stanley cup similar. I feel like the video unites the teams and the cummunity of hockey because it shows how important the game is to the player and everyone involved. Being at a loss of words because of such an important life achievement and goal shows a whole knew level of emotions and happiness.

  17. Sam chicoine says:

    I think the second video wins because they talked about human fear and ambition which can be relateable to audiences. I also liked how it was a mash up of two people’s faces to show teamwork and that we are never alone.
    The techniques used were, inspiring music, expressions of human emotion and a short length to leave them short and sweet.

  18. The first video takes my fancy more because it is cool to use music and face expression to deliver their meaning. Sometimes the happiness is hard to describe. The only way is to feel it.

    I think they use those tear from grown man make us to think it is believable. In fact, they also use the music to make video more emotional and make us to feel their feeling

  19. For me I would say that the first video wins. I understood the message of the video more clearly than the second. I think that having the clips of the men winning and being so speechless was a good way to portray the emotion of the playoffs. I can’t even imagine what kind of thoughts and emotions are running through their heads. That is the moment they have been dreaming of from their youth and it’s finally come true.

    I think one of the most powerful techniques that the first video used was the music along with the short clips. It made the emotion more intense. The music went with a theme of growing intensity and I think it was a good touch to the video.

  20. 1- Personally I liked both vids, but id have to say that the first one wins. I think this because it’s amazing watching someone try and explain how great of a feeling it is to win, and the video explains it all, you can’t describe that feeling so therefore you have no words to physically explain that feeling.
    2- The first video used a technique of the music in the background, it made my mood fall right into the story and it portrays the message of “inspiring” because it’s so great seeing how much work these players put in and how motivated they are. The second vid uses a technique of splitting the screen in half and showing two different mouths talking the same words, it portrayed the message of inspiring because so many different people think the same way & it’s great how they all work for it.

  21. I would have to pick the first video because you can see the raw emotion, yet nothing is said. It is an amazing concept when you think about it. The music that is being played in the background really plays along with the emotion. A technique I noticed that I thought was interesting was every single player they interviewed was speechless. It was such a powerful moment that it affected them all.

  22. The first one wins, as it made a more emotional connection with me. It used montage to show how speechless the hockey players are when they win the cup. Montage is a very effective emotive film technique.

  23. I think the Stanley cup one wins because I ca relate more to it and it really speaks to me. I think it’s more effective to use Celebes in this one cause everyone knows who they are

  24. The first one wins for me because it really showed how emotional it is to win the Stanley Cup it stood out to me more. I think they used the technique of showing the hockey players speechless shows how excited they are to win the cup and how much it means to them that they can’t even put words to it.

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