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Theme: How We See Ourselves


Dove Real Beauty Sketches


What Do Strangers Think Of You?


Why are people so hard on theirĀ appearance?


13 thoughts on “Brittany’s Vids that Make You Go Hmmmmm. . .

  1. Personally I think the first video wins, I felt it was more heart touching and I felt a stronger connection to it. How I view myself is definitely a struggle and I feel we all struggle with that because society and media has created this image of beautiful and perfect and we don’t view ourselves as that. If I had to say my 2 best attributes , I would say my eyes/eye colour and my legs.

  2. The second video wins for me because it shows people actually talking about what they like in the person they see, rather than describing it. I like this better because they can focus more on different aspects that they like about the person, rather than memorizing every little detail. People are so hard on their appearance because they may not necessarily like what they see when they look in the mirror. A lot of people want to look like something they see in a magazine or someone else that they see, but they don’t realize their true beauty. Personally, I feel my best attributes are my smile and my eyes. I’ve been told that those two features of my body can light up a room and I like to remember that if I’m feeling down.

  3. It’s a tie because both videos have the same message of “what other people think vs what you think”. I thought the drawing one was really cool because there was no visual at all for the artist, but also the double mirror was a very good concept as well so I can’t decide which one “wins”. People are so hard on themselves because we are drawn to our flaws automatically. Everyone is too critical of themselves and that’s the way it is! Two things I like about myself are my teeth and my eye colour

  4. erinjamieson says:

    I think the second video won as I can connect to it in the sense of beating yourself up while starring into the mirror. I relate to the things those people said about themselves as I’m one to have said similar things critiquing myself. I liked how they then got to see the personal thoughts of the people behind the mirrored wall.
    I think people are so hard on themselves because social media and advertisements make up fake bodies and skeletal structures on a person which then is conveyed as “the perfect person”. Comparing our bodies to a photoshopped person is what makes a person start to bring them self down.
    My 2 favourite attributes are my eyes and my personality.

  5. I think the first video wins because he didn’t look at there face at all just told them to describe themselves I thought that was very neat. I also liked how he got someone else opion on the person he was sketching and then showed them both pictures and they were amazing on how different the two pictures were. I thought that amazing how this guy used his ability to sketch without even looking at the person. I think people are so hard on themselves because society and holleywood wants us to look a certain way but it’s never going to be like that and also believe it’s all in our head we all have doubts and sometimes they can get to us. My favourite two things are my smile and sence of laughter.

  6. The second video wins for me because I really enjoyed seeing people get compliments that they never thought they would have before. It was very interesting seeing how hard people are on themselves when they really don’t have to be. Everyone one I know is tough on themselves for their looks when they are way more beautiful then they give credit for. I hope those peoples self esteem gets raised and they feel more confident about themselves now.
    I believe people are so hard on their appearance because every strives for their own perfection which in most cases is unattainable so people feel like they are not good enough and letting themselves down. I think it’s hard to say what my two best attributes are… I think i’m funny and I like to sing.

  7. Wow! I have to say that it is a hard decision to choose which one wins. But I would maybe go with the first one. That artist was amazing! And it is a real big eye opener when you get too see what other people observe about you.

    I think the reason why people are so hard on themselves is because we live in such a materialistic and judgmental world. We are always subconscious about how we look. My two best things/ features about myself would be my kindness, and my smile.

  8. Anonymous says:

    For me the second video won, it stuck out to me because after they criticized themselves in front of the mirror they heard all the compliments they got from the people watching them. It really made me think about how I judge myself and how other people judge me.
    I think people are so hard on their appearance because of society’s impression of beauty and the use of photoshop. People think beauty is what they see on magazine covers of girls with the skinny bodies and men with defined muscles. Societys impression of beauty has changed solely to how your body looks, if you don’t look like a model you’re not beautiful and that’s not right. Personally it’s really hard for me to name my best attributes, I think my best 2 would be my eye colour and my humour.

  9. The second video won for me although it was very close. It did a great job of showing how differently we view ourselves compared to other people. I liked how it showed the person mentioning their insecurities and the stranger behind the glass saying they liked what they were insecure about or said the exact opposite of what they thought. Like how one girl didn’t like her dimples and the guy said he liked them, how the guy thought didn’t like his cheek bones and a stranger said he had nice cheek bones, and how some girls thought they needed to lose weight and the stranger said they look fit/in shape. It really showed that we are too hard on ourselves and need to appriciate our body’s more.

    I think people are so hard on their appearance because of how judgemental society has created us. The perfect body and look is idealized in the media and many people see a specific look as perfection. Two positives about myself is my eyes, and how easily I tan (skin tone).

  10. For me the second video won. I really enjoy it. I found it cool that what most people saw as their own biggest flaw, other people say as there best feature. It was kind of shocking to see how negative people were about them selves. I also found it interesting that in the first video the drawing the stranger described look a lot more like the person then the drawing the person described of them selves. I honesty have no idea why peoples body image is so low.

  11. I think that it was a tie between the two videos because they were both touching an inspiring on how you should perceive yourself. I think that people are so hard on their appearances for a few different reasons. One main one is the society that we live in because people are judged constantly on how they look through media which especially for women is hard. When media judges you for everything it makes you pick out more flaws which makes you harder on yourself. Two things that I like about me is that I can always find the positive in a negative situation. Also how I laugh at everything. I will always try to be smiling and laughing no matter what.

  12. I believe the second video wins. People are so hard on themselves because everyone is a little bit of a perfectionist. When you are constantly looking at yourself in the mirror you notice things that other people may not. I find because I dance five times a week I am constantly in the mirror comparing myself to other girls in my class. My favourite attributes about myself are my dimples and my smile.

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