Taylor and Samantha’s Vids That Make You Go Hmmm . . .

Category: Inspiring

Theme: Random acts of kindness

I trust you, do you trust me?

Life Vest

Pick a random act of kindness to complete in the next 24 hours.  Post that random act in your comment.  Come back in to your comment in the next 24hrs and post a follow up reply discussing the details of your random act of kindness.


15 thoughts on “Taylor and Samantha’s Vids That Make You Go Hmmm . . .

  1. Sam chicoine says:

    I think life vest wins because it puts into perspective how positive and helpful energy can go into the world’s energy and make someone’s day.
    I’m going to look around and see what I can do.

  2. I think the first video won because he wasn’t an actor and he put his body on the line and let himself be exposed to the puplic anyone could have done anything to him. So that’s why I like the first one. I’m going to a act of kindness tomorrow and write about it

  3. I like the second video because i think it’s very important to do kind things for others even if you don’t get anything in return right away. I believe in karma and if you do something nice for something, eventually it will come back to me in a positive way. I will try to do a random act of kindness while I’m at work tonight!

    • At work the other day, a customer left their debit card in the machine when they left, so I ran outside all the way across the parking lot and knocked on their car window as they were backing out to give it to them. They were so happy that I came out!!

  4. I’d say the life vest one wins because it inspired me to actually maybe have some trust with certain things. It represented that no matter what race you are we are all equal and he’s putting himself out there allowing others to give him a hug only if they trust him, he wants other people to trust him because he trusts them.
    Once I do something in the next 24 hours I’ll post it.

  5. I think life vest wins because it told me that there are a lot good people truly exist and they not only help people. But also they inspired people around them to do good things. I like the first video as well. We can trust most people in the world. Although there are some bad people. Overall I prefer the safe vest more

  6. I think the second video wins because it was very interesting to see how acts of kindness actually works it’s way around. It also is more effective in inspiring me to be randomly kind.
    My random act of kindness was that I bought someone’s drive thru order for the car behind me at Tim Hortons. I never got to see their reaction but it gave me a warm feeling inside. Hoping they will pass it on!!

    • I’m glad you feel that way about the video as it gives the boomerang effect. What goes around comes around! Thanks for doing your good deed I’m sure something will come in your favour someday!

  7. I personally liked the second video better because it has a powerful message. If you do a good deed , you are pushing someone else to continue on a good deed and so forth. If everyone did this purhaps there would be more peace in the world.

    I was out driving with my bf when we saw a man slouched over and the bus stop bench , after passing him we decided to turn back to make sure this man was alright. We turned around and kev rolled down his window and asked the man if he was okay , the older gentlemen stated he was fine and that he was just resting. Before I drove off he thanked us for stopping and checking to see if he was okay, we felt reassured after we knew he was just resting.

    • I agree with your thoughts! Believing of you do something good that everything makes its way around. I’m glad you guys checked on that guy at the bus stop, just a simple hey you ok? Is all it takes!

  8. A random act of kindness I did was when I was at work, an old woman came in and ordered a sub. She was almost deaf and it was really hard for her to hear, so I wrote down the questions that I needed to ask her in order to make the sub and pay for it, and she wrote back to me how thankful she was, it wasn’t the most best thing but I just feel like that was a random act of kindness because I have never done that before.

  9. I liked the second video best because it inspired me to help others. It also gave a clear message that if you do good things, good will come to you in return. A good deed I accomplished in 24 hours was taking a 9-5 on Saturday morning for a co-worker because she wanted to attend her boyfriends birthday party. I hate waking up early on the weekend so this was super nice of me.

  10. My random act of kindness that I did this week was as I was getting out of my car at a strip mall a guy was struggling to open a door because his arms were full of boxes. I quickly noticed this and ran over to help him open the door. He was very grateful

  11. I preferred the first video as it highlighted the amount of stereotyping and general mistrust of groups of people we accumulate through generalizations of publicized events. My act of kindness will be to not hold back the amount of care and love I hold for certain people that may or not feel the same about me, and to not cover up my dislike of vulnerability with lies and manipulative tendencies.

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