Maddie, Kenzie and Erin’s Vids that Make You Go Hmm. . .

Category: Inspiring

Theme: Bettering Yourself

Athlete Motivation and Inspiration: Wake Up and Succeed

Girl’s Body Image: Hatch Workshop

Make Life a Ride


What video relates more to your life? How/why?



17 thoughts on “Maddie, Kenzie and Erin’s Vids that Make You Go Hmm. . .

  1. I think the first one is more inspiring because the music built up the intensity and made me want to go out and do something great. To me the first one is the most inspiring to me because I can relate to it the most. It was all clips of athletes pushing themselves to reach their goals and that’s what I’m trying to do as well. I found it really inspiring and it made me really want to push and reach my running goals.

    • I definitely agree with you! The music did really build up intensity and pumped me up as well. I myself like that we saw them all pushing towards there goals and I’m in the same boat as you, trying to reach my own goals!

  2. Zac Cressman says:

    For me the video that won and was most inspirational was the first video. Just seeing how happy those athletes are after winning really makes you think about how much work they put in. That’s inspiring.

    The video I could relate to most was the third video. It speaks to the uncertainty in my life and how I need to find what I love to do. It talks about how our lives are in our own hands.That we can do what we want with our lives. I couldn’t really relate to the second video much because I don’t have body image issues.

  3. I think the first video wins because it shows that when you have a set goal and dream you do what ever it takes to get it. I also liked that there Wasent a lot of talking and you saw the athletes just showing so much emotion and fire and passion for not only themselves but for their country and I thought that was great . I think the last video relates to me because life isn’t easy there is going to be a lot of bumping roads and things I’m going to have to over come I think that I just have to keep my engine running and try my best along the way.

  4. Athlete motivation and inspiration has to do more with myself personally because it is one of those videos that after watching it makes you want to go and work hard in your certain activity, whether it be running or something else. I believe that with a lot of athletic people it is easy to lose interest or feel discouraged when you think a certain goal is not reach able. This video is inspiring to those who feel unmotivated to accomplished what they started in the beginning.

    • Finding the motivation to push through the discouragement is what allows someone to be great in their sport. Do you find it difficult to push through and be successful or do you find it easy block out the negative energy and focus on feeling great about what you’ve accomplished?

      • I think it depends, I find it easy to stay positive but if I am not seeing results that’s when it starts to get frustrating and I might need to walk away for a bit or sleep on it until I can bring myself to refocus and try again.

      • I understand that. It’s great that you continue to push and strive to make yourself better, regardless of if you have to take a step back or if you get it first try.

  5. I would say the first video wins. It was more inspiring to me then the others because they showed athletes working hard and achieving their goals. I personally connect with the first video rather then the others because I know what it’s like to physically push yourself as hard as you can in a sport and reach your goals. When I was in track or even just running on my spare time there was times when I thought I couldn’t possibly run any faster but I did, I just had to try harder and push myself which is why I can relate more to the first video.

  6. The second video wins for me because I can connect with that video more, also I feel like it touches a big problem that we have going on in our society today.
    The second video is the one that relates to my life more because I am a girl. From a young age I would critize myself and to this day I still do. Every girl I feel in our society today wants to look like a Victoria’s Secret model, skinny, big boobs and butts; I definitely want to look like that. Society created this fake idea of beauty based on your body and face, it’s sad because girls who don’t look exactly like that don’t think they’re beautiful.

    • erinjamieson says:

      I agree with you as to body image is a problem in today’s community. It’s sad that people feel they must criticize their appearance due to commercials and Instagram accounts displaying photoshopped, perfect and ideal women. It’s nice to see the odd commercial of natural, unphotoshopped women. Do you think there should be more commercials and photos and advertisements without the use of photoshop, air brush, etc.? Do you think maybe this would be a start in changing the women society’s body image issue?

  7. Tina Kosoric says:

    I would say that the third video wins because, it shows people having fun, and enjoying life. What they say in the video is very true, because only you make the decisions of your life, only you make your life worth living. Your the one who can make a change in your life if it gets dull and boring.

    The third video relates to my life in a way that it reminds me of all the decisions that im making in my life, whether they are right or wrong. Every little decision that i make affects me, it can also affect the people around me. I get to make my own “roads in life”, just like how the video says. I pave my own pathway in life.

  8. I know what you mean completely! I know I feel discouraged when I feel like it will take too long or I simply can’t achieve my goal. After watching this. I myself feel more motivated to push myself harder and keep focused on my goal! And with our weight training class this is also very inspiring to me.

  9. I believe that the first video wins because I found it to effectively use music and imagery to get its message across about inspiration in sports and life. I enjoyed how it talked about how long we dream for during our life’s and how we should stop dreaming and go out and change your life.
    The first video also relates to me the most because it is about sports. Sports play a big role in my life and sometimes when I was younger before a big sports game I would watch videos like this to get pumped up and motivated.

  10. I found the first video the most inspiring because of how successful the people shown were, they were olympic athletes. Although its not the most realistic goal it is still very inspiring to see how hard people work to get as far as the olympics. The video that relates most to my life is probably the first one. I don’t have a very personal attachment to any of the videos or the sports being shown. but the first video made me want to get up and start working out the most and I find that inspiring. Dreaming and planning is one thing but actually going out and doing it takes guts!

  11. I think the third video wins in that the music was building and building, giving you hope and a motivation to do something about making your life amazing, or maybe just appreciating that it already is. As well, it’s the video that most relates to my fears that I will get stuck in a rut and have a boring, simple, safe life. It reminded me that I will always be in control of the direction my life takes, no matter where I am in it.

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