Rudy and Katya”s Vids That Make You GO Hmmmm . . .

Category: Thought Provoking

Theme: Road Safety



What techniques to the advertisers use to get their viewers to think twice about speeding?


8 thoughts on “Rudy and Katya”s Vids That Make You GO Hmmmm . . .

  1. I personally like neither of these videos and 0 of them win because I think they were made to be a joke and it’s not joking matter. The shock factor plays a big real

  2. I like the second one better because it made you think a little more about what the message was that they were trying to get across.
    Advertisers use shocking or scary videos to freak the viewer out and make them not want to do what they’re advertising like drinking and driver or speeding.

  3. I think the first video wins because it really shows how you can be living your normal life but in an instant, a mistake like speeding could affect the life of so many innocent people. The advertisers used children for the video because they’re so innocent and unaware of how dangerous the world can be, and seeing them die in such a tragic way can really speak to drivers and help them become more aware to how dangerous speeding can be to not only themselves, but to everyone around them.

  4. Sam chicoine says:

    I think the Irish road safety wins because of the intense and unexpected tragedy of it. It has an impactful message to be careful while driving.
    I think advertisers use fear as a way of teaching people about road safety and to teach people to be careful. Fear is a good teacher at times.

  5. Both videos were encouraging to not speed and drive and drink and drive, but I think the first video was more frightening, it was emotional to see that class of kids get flattened by a speeding car, so I do think the first video wins mainly because I physically saw the kids on the ground and that’s exactly why you should never speed and to always go 30 km in school zones.
    I think the techniques that the advertisers used were they showed the damage in the mirror and how scared those people in the second video of them in the bathroom, you can actually see their reaction.

  6. I actually think the first video wins because of how it lures everyone in the the cuteness of the kids, and shows how quickly it can be erased due to the poor decisions that can be made by drivers. Also, I think it is very effective at attracting the attention of the viewers.

    Shock is a good strategy that’s used to show the intensity of the situation for example, you don’t expect a hurd of children to be mowed over or a bloody face to pop out if your mirror so people’s eyes definitely are opened.

  7. Well, I think the second wins, because you actually see the damage that is done to an adult person- the one driving the vehicle, themselves. Also, the scare factor really got their attention and the blood and the mirror kept it. Their techniques were shock, fear, gore, unexpected events, and how moods can drastically change as a consequence of one abrupt event.

  8. I think they both win. These videos showed shocking images that makes people think twice about road safety. The violent images really do have a way of making you have a gut reaction to watching horror.

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