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Category: Persuasive and Inspiring

Theme: Animal Testing


Lush Fighting Animal Testing

Fighting Animal Testing: Lush and Reach

Does a problem seem more apparent once you can see the outcome or the politics behind it?


18 thoughts on “Mackie’s Vids That Make You Go Hmm. . .

  1. I think that the second video wins because it is so much more striking when you can see the actual process that the animals are going through.

    I would say that being able to see the outcome is much more powerful in getting the message across. It’s one thing to hear words and facts being spit out at you. But when you can actually see the visual it makes it much more powerful.

  2. I think the video where it shows what they would be doing to a human won. Just because it caught my attention the whole time and I wanted to figure out what they were doing to her.

    I think the outcome is better to show people because they can see it with there own eyes on what is happening to the animals in this world.

      • I think it would be way worse if it was on a dog. Seeing as I have 2 of my own dogs at home. I would never want to see that happen. It’s hard enough seeing it on a human let alone an animal

  3. I think the second video wins because you can see more about what actually happens with animal testing when it’s done on a human. I think it’s better to see the outcome rather than the politics because I don’t know a lot about politics and its more shocking to actually see what’s going on and how the animal ends up rather than the the science and politics behind it.

  4. Sam chicoine says:

    I think the live demonstration was more effective because people can choose not to listen to something or not believe something when it’s told to them, but having a live demonstration allows people to directly visualize a situation so they are forced to come to terms with it.
    This is why I think that when someone can see the outcome they can understand the truth of an issue. People can choose to feel ignorant toward the problem but once they can see the effect, it can have a profound effect on solving the problem.

  5. jlickley says:

    I think the second video wins because it was a lot more interesting to see the reactions and what actually goes on.
    Seeing the outcome of the animal testing is what I personally think is more effective on an audience. It’s more effective because it would attract more people by seeing it happen, actions speak louder than words and in this case actions need to be seen in order for it to impact peope on the issue.

  6. I’d have to go with the second video. It sends the message a lot farther in my opinion. People can talk about politics all day, actually seeing what goes on is a whole different story. Actually seeing something is different than just hearing about it. The message will be pushed farther with visual representation.

  7. The second video wins because it shows what’s actually happening behind the closed doors of animal testing. They way they showed the graphic nature of this abuse really helped connect people to how horrifying it is.

    Seeing the outcome is way better at getting the message across. With politics you understand what’s happening, but your not fully committed. With the graphic show, you want to do everything in your power to stop what is happening to those animals. Either way the point is to get people invested in the cause, I believe the second video completed that.

  8. I believe the lush one won . it sent a very strong message and you think it looks wrong to do it to a human , why would you do it to an animal , that has a life as well?
    I believe videos like these do impact on what people think , it is a very strong ongoing topic and these videos help show awareness, hopefully with everyone on board it will soon end

  9. I think the first video wins because it was shocking, and kept my attention. I think the problem was definitely more apparent once I saw a harsh example. I don’t think many people are captivated by a few drawings about politics. Besides that, the lush campaign sought to touch our hearts and extract outrage, which fuels motivation and action. That is infinitely more powerful than a few facts about politcs.

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