PA#16-reading to a grade 3 class.

Interesting! I always find it so surprising when my students express nervous-ness over Skyping with Ms Bettess’ class. As the “big kids” I think you could probably just sit and eat your breakfast, and they’d find you fascinating! Last year Roan Van Eerd just stood up on camera, and the kids in Thompson were like “WHHHOOOAAAA!!! He’ ssooo tall!”

kenzie clarke

Today in class we got to read to a grade 3 class in Thompson, Alyssa and I read the It’s Okay book then we read ours we made in class. I was a bit nervous honestly just because I get nervous speaking out loud but once we got further into the books I felt completely fine! I remember in grade 3 or 4 we had highschool students come to us and then write a book for us and I remember looking up to them so much and I felt so excited that a highschool student was talking to me , it’s weird thinking that I could now be one of those highschool students to a younger kid that makes them feel so nervous or excited, because I’m probably just as nervous or a little more, than them just by reading to them hahah!

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