Strengths, Stretches and Best Posts

On Thursday and Friday I will be joining up with Ms. Bettess to attend and present at a conference in Gimli. Part of my presentation will focus on blogging in the classroom, and given that you all are pretty much the experts now at blogging, I thought it would be great to have you share your opinions on the topic.  In the comment section below, please answer the following questions:

(1) What are some of the strengths of using blogging in the classroom?  Be specific, if possible use an example from your own experiences with blogging (in general, or in this class)

(2) What are some stretches (or challenges) you’ve face while using blogging. Again, be specific, and if possible use an example from your own experiences. Do have any suggestions on how to improve on the things that caused you to stretch?

(3) What has been your “best post” this semester? What criteria did you use to determine your “best post” (most creative/insightful/detailed)?  Why did you select this post? What does it show about you as a reader/writer/thinker?  Include a link to the post, so we can all admire your hard work!


27 thoughts on “Strengths, Stretches and Best Posts

  1. 1) It’s really nice to not use as much paper in this class and type everything out on our devices. Not only is this better for the environment but it’s easier for everyone. I say this because it’s like an online hand in bin that is personalized to you! Your teacher can’t lose any of your work when it’s all in the same place!

    2) Some challenges are keeping up with blogging. I don’t normally use WordPress so making sure to check my blog and keep it updated it a bit of a challenge.

    3) My best post is the “Reading Assignment- reading doodle”. I think this one is the best because it has an organized and sophisticated writing component, as well as an image attached that the response is based on (the doodle). This shows that I am a responsive reader and writer and I can understand the deeper meaning to a seemingly simple event in the book. This also shows how effective doodling is as a learning technique. Reading Assignment- Reading Doodle | kylamiddleton

  2. 1) I think a strength of blogging in class is that you can finish your homework anywhere that you are. This is because she posts our assignments onto the blog so if we are at home or away we can catch up by looking on the blog and just doing it on the go. I think it’s nice to be able to still communicate even if you aren’t at school or in that class.

    2) Some stretches to doing everything on like is that we no longer get to use a simple pen and paper and to me that’s a big part of writing for me because it makes it easier for my brain to cross things out or add things on at a later time. Another challenge is that sometimes the blog just won’t let you post something or comment or reblog something from a peer. That gets very annoying because then you can’t really get your marks and it isn’t your fault.

    3) I think that the best post I’ve made was from the beginning of the year where we had to do quick writes and we got to go look on the website for ideas. I thought it was my best post because for myself I found it insightful and I thought that everyone could benefit from the topic. I think this shows that I’m a writer that likes to help others through advice or ways to get through things in life. The topic was 3 reasons to forgive and forget. A lot of people need this in their lives so that they can move forward in life.

  3. 1) I feel the advantage to blogging is to create a virtual community where you can openly share and talk to people you may not get the chance to talk to in person. For me personally I love sharing about myself, it helps me cope with whatever I’m going through or I like people to know how my mind works and how I view things, blogging helps me do so. Most of my posts are about the person I am, what I believe and and what my interests are. I feel my blog shows a side of me you wouldn’t of guessed if you simply saw me in person. Blogging definitely helps express your inner creativity if you give it the chance too!

    2) A stretch I have with blogging id say would be my creativity or my timidness. Sometimes I feel what I do isn’t interesting enough to share or I don’t have the creativity to create a post. I find I’m very busy to simply sit down and put thought into a meaningful post or comment as well. I don’t like doing things half assed so it usually will set me back in the long run since I like putting my all into everything. So yes, I’d definitely say my creativity or the feeling of “how much is acceptable to share about myself is okay” sets me back while writing posts.

    3) Hands down I’d say my Beliefs personal addition ( )is my best post. It shows the person I am deep down and I find it insightful and interesting. I wrote that before we had blogs and I wrote it in a time when I felt my most creative if that makes sense. I feel it’s a topic that isn’t spoken about a lot which is why I find it a little more intriguing than my other posts. A good post to me would include something personal, something that expresses the person you are and the person not everyone sees from first glance.

  4. I think that some of the strengths of using blogging in the classroom is that we are tieing social media into our work. Most if not all of us use at least one form of social media everyday and I think that using it to show our work makes us more motivated to actually complete everything we do compared to writing an essay on it or some sort of paper. Blogging also gives us a chance to look at others work to see what they’ve done for a project, it’s like we have an online portfolio to look through with access to it all the time. I really like the commenting we have to do on others work, for example “the videos that make you go hmm…” I think that commenting on our classmates video helps us better express our opinions on the topic. Classmates can also comment back on what you’re saying, whether they agree or disagree with what you’re saying and this helps us gain others knowledge on the topic. With the blogging though there has been some challenges, for me personally trying to keep up with what we’re doing can be a struggle. I feel like we do a lot of work in this class and missing days because you’re sick or what not effects you a lot. One of my struggles is posting personal additions, for me it’s hard to think of personal things or interesting things to share about me. I think my life’s pretty boring in a way so I don’t have a lot of ideas to post. I think that if you’re sick or away for whatever reason looking through the blog on what we’ve done that day would help out on what to do. I think the best post I did was one of my six word memoirs, I really liked doing this project. It gave me a chance to show my creative side as well as my humorous side.

  5. (1) I think overall using blogging in our class is really beneficial in the sense that not only do we get to express ourselves individually but also as a community. Another benefit is that if I were to miss class, I can just go look on the class blog to see if I missed anything that day, which I think is a really useful thing that makes it pretty hard to fall behind. Blogging in class is also great because we’re able to keep track of our homework. If something is assigned it more often then not gets posted on the blog, meaning that it’s on my phone and I can’t lose it. My phone goes with me everywhere and if I have homework all I have to do is look on the class blog.

    (2) Some challenges I’ve had with blogging are definetly the personal additions. I’m not necessarily a fan of sharing stuff about me or my life with people I’m not friends with. Another struggle that ties into that is having to comment on people’s posts. I’d say overall the ability to interact with other people’s posts and make my own posts have been my biggest challenges.

    (3) Since I haven’t really posted that much this semester I guess my “best post” would have to be my Worst Meal post. I choose this post because I think that overall the descriptive language I used was really effective in painting a clear image of what I was talking about. I think it shows that I am a good writer and am able to use imagery very well.

  6. 1. Blogging in the classroom is a great way to keep everyone updated and engaged in the assignments. If you miss a class it is easy to catch up on your own time because almost everything we do is posted in the classroom blog. It is interesting to see other classmates blogs and learn things about them you would have never known. I feel confident to share important and exciting things that happen in my life so I can have a record of it for the future. A specific post that really help me get through a tough time was when I was really sick and couldn’t compete in Music Festival. I blogged about my anger and hurt feelings toward it. After I posted it there was a release and a weight off my shoulders because I got to express myself non stop until I was finished. It also made me feel better that some classmates commented on my post encouraging words.I have never blogged before this class but it is something I am interested in continuing for the future.
    2. There are a few challenges I have faced throughout the course on the blog. One of them being finding enough interesting things about myself to keep up with personal additions. I rarely post things on social media, when I do it is an important event or gathering so I am not use to posting about myself 2-3 times a week. It was a bit more challenging at the beginning of the year, now I have a rhythm and it is easier. Blogging is very different then handing in a paper assignment. When you submit it, it is out there for the world to see and that can be a bit nerve racking sometimes if the post is very personal to you. A suggestion for how to get more comfortable with the posts you are making is to start off a little broader and not as sensitive or really personal to you. As you get more comfortable with the idea of it you can start posting things that maybe people don’t really know about you. That kind of idea helped me.
    3. The best post I made this semester would have to be my personal addition #13. I am in grade 12 and moving on to University next year so I have some big life decisions up ahead. This post was a really good way to feel like I made the right choice by staying in Winnipeg. I had the opportunity to go to Toronto next year for a performing arts school. I decided to stay in Winnipeg for at least a year because I was not sure that going to Toronto would be the best place for me. This post was the most important one I made. After I posted it I knew it felt right. Sometimes it feels really good to just write about something uninterrupted to help make up my mind. I believe this post shows that I don’t want to have any regrets but I also don’t want to jump into something I am not comfortable with doing. I need to have a good gut feeling about something before I do it.

  7. I believe blogging to be important because it has really let me kick into the creative side of my brain. I feel that during high school I lost some creativity due to not as much hands on work in most classes. Blogging helps to identify yourself as a person and express what you are interested in to your peers. I have learned a tremendous amount of fun facts I would have never known about a lot of the people in my class through blogging. I like that we take the time to comment and read each others posts as well I find that this helps us bond as a class and share our different point of views with each other as well.

    Blogging and the writing assignments definitely have caused some writers block while completing them. I find it difficult to expand on what I am talking about and also to use different words in the point I am trying to get across. Lately we have been working on our descriptions in writing by using the five senses, this has really helped me to paint the bigger picture in my writing pieces.

    My favourite post was at the beginning of the year when we did our DIY of the perfect role model. In this piece I chose to talk about Misty Copeland who is a famous ballerina, Joy McCarthy one of my favourite holistic nutritionalists, and my older sister Justine who has been my main role model since day one. I chose this post because I find it to be one of my more creative posts, I enjoyed using the elements of three people I admire most to make up one DIY role model. This assignment can tell you a lot about someone because their role models shape the people they are or want to become in life.
    Write 1 DIY of a Role Model | jenessaclark

  8. 1) Blogging can be helpful as it gives students the opportunity to share their work and ideas with their classmates. If a student is stuck on what to write they may read other students blogs to give them an idea. It may also provide students with an actual audience, instead of only their teacher. For some students having their work open to the public gives them an oppertunity to present their work more effectively than a journal or a binder.
    2) personally I don’t like using a blog and I often don’t post at all because I don’t really want to share anything personal with my classmates. I think writing can be very intimate and displaying it publicly discourages me to write anything actually meaningful, I find posting work on a blog to be just as uncomfortable as speaking in front of the class. I wouldn’t consider anything I’ve posted on my blog to be genuine or decent writing. I think we should have been given the option to use a blog or journal at the beginning of the semester because I would have participated more.

  9. 1) Some benefits to blogging are: it’s less time consuming, easier to share ideas and to receive feedback, easier to see others’ work and to compare writing. Quicker and more efficient than using paper. A specific example would be when we did the assignment, ‘Best and Worst Meal’. It was faster to use digital technology to write it out and then to highlight all the different writing techniques. As well, once posted others could share their thoughts on your piece and you could on theirs.

    2) Some challenges I’ve faced are the necessity to attend class on a regular basis when most assignments can be done over the Internet, and to complete assignments on paper that eventually need to be posted on this site. Unlike most, I do not have a fancy device that has Internet, or even picture taking capabilities. So when a photo needs to be captured for an assignment, I need to borrow a friend’s or the teacher’s device. It is hindering and annoying, especially when I prefer the pencil and paper arrangement most of the time. I could surmount this problem by buying a newer thing but I would only use it for this class, and so find it unnecessary at this point.

    3) I think my best post so far is my Newspaper Blackout Poetry.
    I chose it because this assignment forced me to use multiple, new forms of media and so caused some growth, however painful. Also, the assignment itself was original and challenging and thus satisfying once accomplished. All in all, I did my best and thought it turned out very well despite it being the first time for a lot of things.

  10. (1) I think that there are many advantages to blogging in the classroom appose to traditional paper and pencil assignments. Number one would be that it creates a sort of community. In a standard class you never get to see your peers work, in a class that utilizes technology you can view, comment, and start conversations with your classmates at the push of a button. One of the other big advantages I have personally noticed and taken advantage of is the ease in which you can catch up on work. You can be in the car on the way to hockey or dance and just open up the WordPress app and start blogging. There are many places where it is not realistic to lug out your binder and start doing homework but with your phone you can make posts almost anywhere.

    (2) There are a few draw backs and challenges that come to mind. The first one doesn’t apply to me personally but I could see it being an issue for some people. That would be that everything you post on WordPress or your blogging sight of choice can be seen by anyone in the world. Some students might want to do a writing piece that is personal but might not feel comfortable posting it for the world to see. In a traditional setting a student might feel comfortable handing in a personal assignment to a teacher because she/he will be the only one seeing it. They may not post the same assignment on there blog, which could be problematic. One challenge that I personally have struggled with is the volume of posts needed to maintain an interesting blog. You need to keep it constantly updated. My only suggestion would be to offer students an option to send posts to there respective teacher directly. This would eliminate the issue of feeling uncomfortable when posting.

    (3) I feel like my post about graduating is my “best” post. It shows that I’m thinking about the future and what is to come. The criteria I used to pick “graduating” as my best post was pretty simple. It was personally and relevant. Almost everyone in this class is graduating so it is something we can all relate to. It is something we can all discuss. Good post needs to be interesting and relevant to the person reading it. Graduating is a topic that everyone has an opinion on so it was a great conversation starter.

  11. 1) Some of my blogging strengths this semester are my personal additions. I’ve found it fairly simple to post a few personal additions every week because they can pretty much be about anything. When we are given the opportunity to write and blog about whatever we want to do it makes It a lot simpler. When we are given the opportunity to write about whatever I tend to write about the things going on in my life. Sometimes it’s nice to share with other people the things that are going on in your life. I also enjoy the aspect of the virtual community where people view and comment on your posts. The more people do this the better the community. Finally I also enjoy and am good at writing on my phone instead of writing on pen and paper. Online your fonts are always perfect and when you are struggling to spell a word you don’t have to get out of your seat to get a dictionary.

    2) A stretch I’ve experienced while doing all the blogs is finding the links for blogs and setting it up. Whenever you have to find a link for a blog you cant use your app, you have to open it up and safari and find the link. I found this out the hard way because multiple times I’ve spent 10+ minutes trying to find a link for a comment/post. I believe that finding a link is much more difficult then It needs to be. I also found it hard to set up the blog at the start of the year. Even though we were walked through step by step on how to set it up I still struggled to set it up and personalize the blog. Again I found this way more difficult then it needed to be. Sites like twitter and Facebook are very easy to set up and personalize but for some reason setting up wordpress was like cracking the da vinci code.

    The best post I ever made was my reading doodle. I believe this is my best blog post because It was creative and organized. The actual doodle itself was a organized with thoughts and drawings. The writing piece is where I excelled, I went into great detail to describe how the experience of doodling while reading was sophisticated and very insightful. This showed that I can be a responsive reader and put my thoughts not only in words but in doodles.

  12. Since I always have my phone on me it makes it really easy to catch up on my work when I have a spare minute or two. Also if I miss a class I will get an email of the post Mrs. Mclauchlan has made so I know what is going on in class that day and can often still participate in the class and get my work done without even being there. In most classes when you hand in work it is generally seen by only you and the teacher. With our blogs we can share a lot of our work and it creates an online community where we can all see eachothers work and posts. Blogging has also been a good reminder to me of lots of the different fun things I have done over the semester. Especially with the personal additions because I usually write about things that I did in that week. Blogging and commenting forces us to think insightfully and creatively as our goal is to create conversation and a community. Another benifit is that all my work is in one place so I can’t lose papers/ my work.

    There’s been some slight technological challenges with using WordPress at times. Small things like having troubles reblogging certain posts or viewing who I’m following or even following people in the first place. It took a bit to get the hang of the app/site. There is not much that can be done to fix these technical issues except WordPress changing their format slightly to make it a bit easier to use. Another small challenge was filtering what to include and not include in my blog. Since we post a lot of personal additions I could be a struggle as to whether or not to add certain things as they may be too personal and maybe not for anyone on the internet to see. Not for me persoanally but for others it may be difficult to open up and share some personal things so openly for fear or different things including judgement. I’ve had to make sure I am comfortable with everything I am posting and at the same time made sure everything is proffesional and appropriate. One final challenge is having to post so frequently to keep my blog updated and interesting. It takes a lot of time and ideas to constantly keep it populated.

    My post about my cabin was my best post. It was my best post because it showed a lot about me. My lake is a big part of who I am and this post showed a lot about my interests and activities in both the summer and winter. It was also my best post because it included multiple visuals. In addition to this it talked about my reading habits and favourite place to read which relates to this class as we focused on reading and writing. It gave insight about my life, favourite activities and had lots of detail.

  13. 1) my favorite thing about having a blog is the ability to type everything I write. Typing keeps things neater and more organized. Also, I think it’s faster to type everything. In addition, it’s nice to be able keep all my assignments organized in the same spot so I can easily go through and see what I’m missing.
    2) A huge challenge is is learnig how to use the site. One thing we’re expected to do is to comment on other posts. I find it difficult to keep track of what I’ve commented on an how to get to other posts. I think it would be beneficial to have a tutorial on how to work the blog.
    3) my definition of a good post is something that allows me to reach out to others and start a conversation. So, I think my best post is the one I made asking for advice about the grad dress I should pick. I found it to be super effective because I actually got something from my post and I appreciated having other people’s opinions. We should make other posts where we ask questions to our peers.

  14. I like the idea of using a blog on class because i find it more fun. Maybe this is because I enjoy using technology. I think that it is beneficial to use a blog in class because it gives everyone an opportunity to complete assignments, but also add you own touches, and stuff about yourself. It also makes the class room a healthier community because we can all see each others blogs and get to know more about someone in your class you may not know. It also gives people a chance to get ideas from other people from the comfort of their own device, no need to go shuffling around looking for papers. It is also a lot easier doing everything on my phone then doing everything on paper and carrying a binder.

    One of the biggest problems I have with blogging is keeping up with comments. I think the main cause for this is just lazyness, I do everything on my phone but when I have to go back and forth from different pages and comment on different things and trying to keep up with all the replies is just to much, I just forget about them.

    I believe that my best post is one I just posted yesterday with Emily on a setting that was given to us. The criteria for the “best post” is creativeness, detailed, and passionate. This post I believe met all of those. When reading it , I actually feel like I am standing in that setting , and it paints a perfect visual in my head.

  15. 1) I think the strengths of online blogging for class is that you’re always up to date with what assignments you’re missing and can always view the outline of assignments you haven’t completed. Also, you’re able to complete assignments and hand them in wherever you are.

    2) I think the stretch of using blogging in class is that sometimes when you’re writing and you close the app, you can return to it and everything you had written can be deleted and you have to restart ( which happened to me while writing this comment). You need to be aware that it could disappear in the matter of seconds due to your phone updating/ refreshing. Other than that, there isn’t much of a downside.

    3) I think my best post on my blog had been the personal addition using setting description. I used deep imagery and turned it into a short story basically. I put a good amount of effort into this post and thought I had written it quite well and detailed. I think it shows that I can really go into depth with description of scenery by just simply going off of a photo and turning it into a story.

  16. 1.) Blogging in this class give many strengths. It creates a professional footprint online and could help you later on in life. I like that I get an email every morning saying what we will be doing in today’s class, then if I miss a class I can catch up. Another good addition to this class is most people have a smartphone so at anytime you need to catch up on your work you can do so with your phone where ever you are. Another strength is that it is so much faster either writing notes or completing assignments on your phone instead of writing it down on paper by hand.

    2.) Some stretches I’ve had with this class is blogging daily. It’s hard to keep up by posting personal additions each week. I’m not really a fan of the personal additions just because I don’t like to really put myself out on the Internet for everyone to see especially when there is no privacy setting on WordPress..

    3.) I choose this post because I’m way to excited to graduate. I think it’s shown my hard work though all the years of school. This post gives me excitement to look into the future to determine what career I want to go to. Being accepted into the university of Winnipeg makes the challenge a little easier to know that I’m on my way to where I want to be. I selected this post because it shows how excited I am to wear my grad dress and to be sitting at the dinner table looking at my class of 2015 and how we’ve made it though the hard years and that all our work didn’t go to waste. This should show as a reader that hard work doesn’t go unpaid for.

  17. A huge advantage I see to blogging is that you can do it absolutely anywhere. You don’t have to pull out a pen and paper, you can just pull out your phone and blog even when you don’t have much time.

    A stretch that I see is associated with blogging is the creativity. It’s hard to just kinda let loose and just write. I think it’s just a personal thing. Another stretch I found was sharing my everyday life. I found it hard to blog about my life in some ways.

    My best blogs would have to have been my personal additions. I like them because they are brief and pretty casual. Not too complicated.

  18. 1) one of the strengths of blogging in the class is being able to see the assignments and do them wherever even if you’re not in class. Another strength would be using a device instead of pen and paper all the time. it’s way better for the environment. I don’t always have supplies but I always have my phone with me.
    I also find its way faster to type a paragraph out rather than write it out.

    2) A stretch would be some of the technical difficulties of using a device. Accidentally deleting a post or forgetting your password to your blog
    or one day if your phone isn’t fully charged can all get in the way of doing your assignments on time. For example I typed out this whole assignment only to accidentally delete it all when I was about to post it!!

    3) One of my best posts would be my six word memoir saying “my marks do not define me”. I chose this one because it’s very personal to me because my academics are important to me and a big part of my everyday life. I also found that a lot of my classmates reblogged or commented on it saying that they liked it a lot and could relate well to it! I’m glad I could make something other people could relate to.

  19. In my view, it is better in many ways that we write paragraphs on the blog instead of paper. The major benefit is electronic devices help us save countless time by the automatic writing because we do not need worry about spelling any more. Sometimes we can just copy straight word and pasta it. However, we would check few times with dictionary to ensure the spelling is correct. If we write any paragraphs on paper. Additionally, My handwriting is terrible. And blog can fix it totally. In a conclusion, we could work more efficiently on the blog.

    First of all, posting my daily life is really not my cup of tea. I am not interested in let people know what did I do or I eat. As a result of this, I can’t find sufficient writing material to keep my blog update. Sometimes I really want to put some events related to me on the blog. However, my daily life is very normal. I spent everyday do the pretty much same thing. There are barely a event worth to post occurred. I did the best I can.

    This is my favorite post in my blog because it discuss my hometown where I really want to go back there Immediately. Each time the topic of assignments related to my hometown would make me extremely excited. It have too much things worth to talk about in assignment. And some of it involves my memories. Therefore I will miss it more. The way I write paragraphs are quite similar. But this topic takes my fancy most.

  20. jlickley says:

    Blogging is a positive technique for the class, if you miss classes often for sports or anything it is possible for you to get he assignments where ever you are.

    Something that I find challenging is keeping up with the work that is assigned, the website on my phone can sometimes be difficult to use and a bit confusing. Especially if you get behind it’s difficult to get caught up

    My personal best post I think is my six word memoirs. Being able to put my own picture and little mini poem was fun and I had fun with it while doing it. It gave me a chance to be really creative with both writing and adding a personal touch.

  21. Some of the strengths about blogging I would say are, getting a chance to communicate with people that you don’t usually communicate with in person. If you show up as anonymous as an account name, then you could feel free to post any thing you want, without being afraid of being judged as the person you are, instead others will not know it is you. As for class room reasons though we had to put our names and that’s okay, you can still express yourself. Blogging is fun, exciting, unique, adventurous and interesting! It teaches people to be more open with their thoughts. As well people have the option to either share their posts withinnabfew class mates and friends or worldwide, and just let anyone follow them. I like blogging, and I’m glad I learned how to do it.

    Some of the stretches I had while blogging were; sometimes not knowing what to post as my personal additions, or how to respond to certain comments, as well as falling behind on some of the posts.

    My best post this semester I would choose to be my six word memoir number 5. I choose this one because it is me reflecting on my sister, and my sister is very important to me in my life. What this shows about me is that I have payed attention to her and that I have been able to see the differences and similarities between her and I.

  22. I think that using blogging in the classroom is really beneficial in some cases because you can keep yourself updated on what everyone is working on. If you are away from school, you can always just see what you’ve missed that day. Its also interesting to see what other people in your class are posting too. Generally, we don’t really “know” our classmates. Blogging helps make that connection with one another.

    When blogging, its difficult to know what you’re doing when your first starting. If you aren’t used to technology, it can be a learning experience. Some challenges I’ve faces is trying to figure out how to make a page and link different posts in the page.

    I think that my best post this semester is a poem that I posted. For me, the criteria in deciding what “a best post is” is what i’m most proud of because I think a lot of people can relate to the topic of the poem. I chose it because i felt that i really poured my writing abilities into it. I think that this piece of writing reflects how much my attitude towards my struggles has changed for the better and has helped me to become an advocate for Mental Illness.

  23. Ms. Buhler (Riding the Wave Conference) says:

    Great reflections on blogging. I enjoyed reading what your strengths, stretches and best posts. Your responses encouraged me to try blogging with some of my students.

  24. 1) Using blogging as a tool in the classroom has many strengths. For me I like that it allows us to be able to keep up with each other and with the class itself. I really like that by blogging we have the freedom to post what we want and when we want. I find this really helpful when it comes to our personal additions because I am not given specific criteria, I can write whatever I feel appeals to me at that point in time.

    2) One of the challenges about blogging is finding the right idea for what you want to write about. I find it hard sometimes to come up with ideas for personal additions because of the fact that there is no specific criteria. The only way I find a way to improve this is to sit down and think about exactly what is going on in my life at that time and what I feel is important to share. I try my best to write about things that I know will pertain to me and to others who may come across my post.

    3) I think for me, my best post would be my reading doodle. This decision is based on the creativity that I see as quite evident in the image. I chose this one because it shows the creativity that flows through my mind as I read, expressed onto paper in image form. This post explains what I see inside my mind when I read what my thought process might be at the time.

  25. erinjamieson says:

    1) I personally feel by blogging, we are using our technology abilities to our fullest. We are also creating a society and keeping each other updated in life events we individually think is worth sharing-our personal additions. Blogging is an easy way to keep yourself engaged with the classroom and the assignments as virtually everything important is posted directly to a blog.

    2) some challenges of blogging are keeping constant with my personal additions. Sometimes I find myself lost on what I would want to share about myself or who I want to share it with. Not knowing if what I want to share is going to come off boring or pointless to others. I think that just accepting the things in my life that I do are things that make me, me and are my type of interesting and worth sharing.

    3) my best post so far in my opinion is my newspaper blackout poetry reflection. I think that I met the creativity criteria in this assignment. I chose this as my best post as creating poetry out of newspaper has been something that I have taken a liking to. This shows that I love trying new techniques of writings!

  26. 1) Some strengths to using blogging in class is that we don’t have to use paper, hearing the words “pull out a piece of loose leaf” just bothers me, it’s also annoying to get out of my binder, and since everybody has a device and is constantly on their device I find it extremely convenient, some times I’ll be out and about on a weekend and I’ll blog or post a personal addition? It’s very useful and it saves paper and trees 🙂

    2) Some “challenges” I would say I have when blogging would be constantly blogging and keeping up to date, sometimes it’s just hard to blog and I write my responses in my “notes” on my phone before I post it on anything and sometimes I tend to forget to post it after. Once in awhile using a pen or pencil and writing things down on paper is okay.

    3) My best post so far would probably have to be my “digital footprint”. It shows a perfect representation of my life and what my interests are, I used detailed information of my life to post on my best post because I wanted people who don’t know who I am to have an idea of the kind of person I am and what I like without knowing me. I chose this post because it shows how creative I am as a person. I’ve never had a class like this one before where we blog and barely use any paper, it shows me as a thinker because I can still think and write and read without physically getting taught lessons, it shows I can learn online perfectly fine like I would by getting taught in person.

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