Blake’s Vids that Make You go Hmmm . . .

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Which video wins? And why?


12 thoughts on “Blake’s Vids that Make You go Hmmm . . .

  1. I like the first video wins because it was really shocking that so many people didn’t give the wallet back. That would be my initial reaction without even thinking about it.
    My mom inspires me because she’s a really great woman and is so strong and good at everything she does and I hope I can be like that someday

  2. I think the second video wins because it really shows how selfish people can be when they have their lives in a stable place. People who have nothing are still willing to help out others because they know what it’s like to have others put them down. Doing something for someone can really help them out, even if it’s just something simple like giving them some change or something to eat. The second one inspired me more than the first one because even though that guy had nothing, he was still willing to help out someone else.

  3. I believe the first video of the wallet wins because it shows how many people don’t want to do the right thing vs the one person who did the right thing.

    The one that inspires me would be the wallet video because it shows if you do something good in life there will be a reward whether it’s the good feeling inside of returning the wallet or getting a reward of cash or an object. That man had no idea he was going to get something all he asked for was some spare change out of the wallet he returned!

  4. i liked both of the videos but i believe that the second video wins because I found it more inspiring. If a homeless man can spare an extra slice of pizza , but you can’t , it shows just have different the perspectives are.
    My friends and family are the people who inspire me, they are the most important people in my life and I look up to them. My boyfriend also inspires me, without him my life would be so boring , and everyday he inspires me with something different.

  5. Mackie says:

    The second video wins because it really demonstrated how people who don’t know what it’s like to have nothing, live in a selfish world. And people who have nothing are more giving than anyone else, because they understand.

    I am inspired by people who are willing to give whether they have nothing or everything. These kind of people are so inspiring because the majority of people are more selfish and only make sure they have enough, never looking out for anyone else.

  6. I liked the second video because it showed how people who have everything, were not willing to share. Yet a person with nothing was willing to share what little he had when he didn’t have to. Someone who inspires me is my father. I’ve always looked up to him as a kid, and I hope to be like him in the future.

  7. Sam chicoine says:

    I think the second video wins because it shows how we get caught up in our own life and our own struggles, that we forget that we should be helping each other out.
    Buffy inspires me because throughout the seasons she worked hard helping people even when she wanted to give up. She was able to form meaningful relationships and inspire others to be thoughtful, tough and selfless.

  8. jlickley says:

    I think the second video wins because it shows how people that have a lot might take advantage of things they have. And when the homeless man even though did not have much, still gave away a piece to share.

  9. I think that the second video wins. I think that it is really powerful and honest. Its amazing and kind of scary to see how someone can have close to nothing but still offer another person food when they ask politely for it, while someone else who has a lot won’t even think twice about sharing some food.

    My friend who used to be a mental health youth promotional worker inspires me to always find something to smile about when everything basically sucks.

  10. I liked the first video best because it shows how many dishonest people we have in this world. I also liked it because it showed that in this world there are also people who are truthful. It was surprising to see somebody so desperate for money choose being honest over getting what they needed. It inspired me to be honest and proved that what goes around does come around!
    I would say that my past inspires me. It inspires me to correct mistakes and be a better person because of what I’ve experience.

  11. I think the second video won. It just got to me more. I think because the people that were rude this time weren’t homeless. They were like me, so I related more. The people that inspire me are the staff at a camp I go to.

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