The Buried Life Project!

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Final project of the year! You will be creating your own version of The Buried Life! Here’s what it will contain:

(1) An Author’s Note written by you (250 words). See the author’s note in TBL book for an example of what this should sound like.

(2) Your list of 50-100 items.

(3) “Visual” representations of 25 items.

Get creative here! Use all the tools you’ve developed this semester. Think about how doodling, word/pic mashups, newspaper blackout, post it notes, signs, social media, could be potential “visual” mediums for your list items.

However, feel free to use which ever mediums you feel most comfortable with (video for instance). Also consider the ways in which TBL visually shares items on their list (t-shirts, signs, on Penelope). All visuals must be orginals created by you- and must be marked with your name!

(4) “Now What” a written discussion of how you will/or have attacked one item on the list (250 words)

(5) Presentation to the class on June 15,16,17.

BONUS** Take inspiration from TBL and help someone else accomplish an item of their Bucket List!


YouTube Examples:

Breanne’s Project:

Jamie’s Project:





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